Net looking for Bruce Brown to be a defensive stopper

Since Bruce Brown joined the NBA as an unprecedented second round pick by Pistons in 2018, he knew he had to defend his calling card. And after the star joined the studded net, he wasn’t suddenly confused about his work description.

Traded by stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and a team with a strong attack, Brown admits that driving him to the floor will be his guarding ability and willingness to grind. And he is doing the job of Yeoman well.

“Yes, that will definitely be my role,” said Brown, 24, who arrived with Laundry Chamet in a tripartite deal with Detroit. “When it comes to scores, there are KD, Killy, and Charis. [LeVert], Joe [Harris].. I think I’ll just go in and bring the dog spirit to the defensive side and play against the best aggressive players every night. “

That’s what Nets was looking for this offseason.

“Bruce talked about adding a defensive player,” said General Manager Sean Marks. “Toughness, thinking, that’s exactly what we want from the blues.”

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Bruce brownCorey Shipkin

Brown provided Detroit with his first two seasons. A 6-foot-4,202-pound high school football player-safety, of course-earned his share with his stuffy defense rather than his so much attack.

“Really, just come in and become a dog,” Brown said of his thinking. “Clearly I thought I was able to get higher with the second round pick, so I knew what I could do, knew my role early, stuck to the defensive end, and had the spirit of really paving the way. I entered. To play a little for myself. “

Brown paved the way with his defenses flashed in the match against Houston on November 23, 2018. The rookie rushed in responsibility to protect James Harden after not playing four games in a row. Despite the top scorer’s 33 points, Brown held him on a 0-7 shot with three turnovers while defending him.

Within two weeks, Brown joined the lineup and never returned. He finished in the Top 20 of FiveThirtyEight’s Draymond Statistical Ranking Defenders. In the 2019 Playoffs team, only two rookies recorded more time and Shamet was one.

This past season was pretty much the same, as Brown held Harden to a 2-10 shot in a 39-point outing to help Detroit win. Irving had a 20-point triple-double against the Pistons on November 2, but when the Pistons left with another victory, he had two turnovers against Brown and two-tenths. did.

Brown had the opportunity to be even more impressed when he started talking to Irving after playing in Netz’s recent ad hoc pickup game at the Los Angeles Sports Academy.

“I played a few pickup trucks at LA Killy this summer and it was so cool because I and he talked a bit,” Brown was convinced that it would be a good foil for Irving. “I’m a slasher, a spot-up shooter. He’s more on-ball. I’ve protected him a lot over the last two years and I know exactly how he plays. It fits perfectly. . “

Brown learned about trade earlier last week and set foot in a Detroit facility to exercise. He is currently in Brooklyn and has already completed quarantine and is ready to start the camp.

It’s a win for Nets to trade 19th pick and Dzanan Musa for Brown and Shamet, but I’m sure both are still improving. Brown pushed his three-point shot from just 25.8 percent as a rookie to 34.4 last season. His score doubled to 8.9 points in the game, demonstrating his ability as a pick and roll distributor.

“We’re definitely winning, but adding both has a development cycle for both,” says Marks. “Making this deal certainly helps us now, but it will help us in the future.”

Nets rejected the $ 5 million option at Garrett Temple because Brown earned only $ 1.6 million. The 34-year-old signed Chicago. … Undrafted rookie guard Jordan Bowden, Tennessee, signs Attachment 10 contract to go camping with Nets.

Net looking for Bruce Brown to be a defensive stopper

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