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Naval aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales departs Portsmouth after breakdown

needy British Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales departed from Portsmouth Fife It follows a series of delays caused by technical issues.

It was originally scheduled to set sail on Monday, but it was delayed until Friday at 11:00 a.m. when the giant propeller could not be removed in time.

Departure was then delayed again and finally departed around 11pm on Friday.

The £3 billion warship broke down at the Isle of Wight in August after sailing from Portsmouth Naval Base to participate in flight tests and a diplomatic visit to the United States.

By inspection by divers and engineers, Nato The flagship’s 33-ton starboard propeller (which weighs as much as a Ford Fiesta’s 30 cars) had failed, with the coupling holding it in place broken.

The carrier was returned to Portsmouth and after further inspection by Babcock’s engineers, it was decided to move to Rosyth, Fife, where she was built to undergo repairs in drydock.

The departure of the huge warship from Portsmouth Harbor relied on a fix and high tides occurring every 12 hours and 25 minutes.

The Navy has not commented on how long Rosyth’s repairs are expected to take, or how long HMS Prince of Wales will lose its role as NATO flagship, but it could take months, not weeks. is understood.

This is a very rare failure and we continue to pursue all repair options

Major General Steve Moorhouse

its sister ship HMS Queen Elizabeth It changed plans to travel to the US in the fall to take over some of its planned engagements, including holding the Atlantic Future Forum in New York, a defense conference aimed at strengthening ties between Britain and the US. .

Rear Admiral Steve Moorhouse, Director of Force Generation, which is responsible for ensuring that ships in the Royal Navy are ready for deployment, has previously described the mistakes made by HMS Prince of Wales.

“Inspection of the ship’s starboard shaft and surroundings by Royal Navy divers revealed significant damage to the propeller shaft and some superficial damage to the rudder, but the rest of the ship was undamaged. was confirmed.

“Our initial assessment indicated that the coupling joining the last two sections of the shaft had failed.

“This is a highly unusual failure and we continue to pursue all repair options.”

A Royal Navy spokesman said: “Once the ship is in dry dock, the full extent of the repairs will become apparent.

“We are committed to returning HMS Prince of Wales to operations as soon as possible to protect our country and our allies.” Naval aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales departs Portsmouth after breakdown

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