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Nation’s First Trans Male Judge Appointed to New York State Court

Progressives celebrated the birth of the first openly transgender male judge this week during Pride Month, after New York Governor Kathy Hochul appointed Seth Marnin to the New York State Court of Claims. ing.

Marnin is the first publicly transgender male legal scholar in the United States.

The New York Post reported that he would need final approval from the state Senate.

He has experience as an employment discrimination and civil rights attorney.

Before being named a judicial officer by Ms. Hochol on Wednesday, Marnin worked at Columbia University as the head of training and education, equal opportunity and affirmative action.

Mr. Marnin will consider civil disputes against the state and its agencies in the state’s court of claims.

He is the nation’s first transgender male judge, but not the first transgender judge overall. There are currently two transgender female judges in California, Victoria Korakowski and Andy Mudrik.

Alliance for Justice state court legal director Jake Faleschini said progress has been made in ensuring that federal courts are sufficiently diverse to represent the public.

“It is an auspicious moment during Pride Month to celebrate the confirmation of Seth Murnin, the first trans man in our nation’s history, to become a judge. It is important to ensure that they have the same opportunity to participate in the interpretation and observance of the law as those who might enforce it. We thank Gov. Hochul for the nomination and the New York State Senate for voting to confirm him,” Faleschini said. Nation’s First Trans Male Judge Appointed to New York State Court

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