National Zoo visitors first peek at the new giant panda cub Xiao Chizi when the zoo returns

When the National Zoo reopens on Friday, for the first time since the birth of the cub, you will be able to see the giant panda’s cub Xiao Chiji directly.

He’s as cute, cute, and vague as you would expect from him. The young Xiao Chiji, who weighs 45 pounds, looks a lot like the butter-sized pink hairless newborn panda that witnessed fans stepping into the world nine months ago.

On Thursday morning, a miniature panda climbed several trees in the outdoor habitat of the Smithsonian National Zoo, with branches and leaves hiding him from the reporter’s camera. My mother, Meishan, munched on a nearby bamboo shoot.

“First of all, the birth of Xiao Chizi during a pandemic is what we call a little miracle, because it has brought joy to millions of people around the world, not just our staff,” Smithsonian said. Steve Montfort, director of the National Zoo, said. The Zoo Conservation Biology Institute has commented on how excited he is about the reopening of the zoo. “So it was something really special during a really terrible year.

“In general, opening a zoo is a symbol of returning to normal,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to accomplish our mission. It’s about taking people to the park, inspiring nature and animals, falling in love, and hopefully incorporating it into conservation efforts.”

For months, the giant panda’s house wasn’t open to the public to give peace and tranquility to the male child and his mother. Instead, the general public could see panda cubs snuggling up with their mothers, crawling on the floor, squeaking, and transforming into today’s little bears with cameras installed in their internal burrows.

Approximately three months after the birth of the turnip, the zoo closed the door completely due to a coronavirus pandemic. The zoo will reopen to visitors on Friday with a reserved timed admission pass.

If you want to visit the giant pandas Tian Tian, ​​Mei Xiang, and cub Xiao Qi Ji, you will need to get a personalized free timed Asian Trail / Panda Pass for each party. Giant panda exhibits are limited to 620 people per day, and visitors are required to limit them to 15 minutes.

On August 21, Panda’s mother, Meishan (pronounced “Meishan”) gave birth to a male child and became the oldest giant panda in the United States to become pregnant at the age of 22. The birth of Xiao Chiji (pronounced “Meishan”) SHEOW chee jee) is also the first time a zoo in the United States has succeeded in becoming pregnant by artificial breastfeeding using only frozen semen.

The zoo said the male child’s name, Xiao Chizi, means “a little miracle” and reflects “the extraordinary situation in which he was born” and efforts to protect the giant panda species.

On March 22, 2020, reproductive scientists and zoo veterinarians artificially inseminate Meishan with frozen semen from heaven. [pronounced “tee-YEN tee-YEN”], 23-year-old giant panda. Ultrasonography on August 14th and 17th confirmed the presence of the foetation.

Turnips usually start chewing on solid foods around the age of 6 months, but Meishan’s milk is the basis of the turnip’s diet until about 18 months of age. Male giant pandas usually weigh about 250 pounds when fully grown and become sexually mature at the age of 4-8 years.

Meishan previously gave birth to three other surviving offspring: Thaishan [pronounced “tie SHON”] July 2005, Baobao [pronounced “BOW BOW”] August 2013, and Bei Bei [pronounced “BAY BAY”] August 2015.

All Cubs were moved to China at the age of four as part of a cooperative breeding agreement with the Wildlife Conservation Society of China.

According to the zoo’s multi-year extension agreement, Xiao Chiji, Meishan and Tientien will be sent to China in December 2023.

There are about 12 giant pandas in the United States, all of which are lent by the Chinese government.

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National Zoo visitors first peek at the new giant panda cub Xiao Chizi when the zoo returns

Source link National Zoo visitors first peek at the new giant panda cub Xiao Chizi when the zoo returns

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