Nate Silver accuses City Hall to close school in COVID-19 spikes

Prominent statistician Nate Silver broke the city hall school closure on Twitter on Wednesday — and parents said they should be “furious” at the controversial measures.

The data do not say he was particularly embarrassed by Mayor De Blasio, who relies on triggering a 3 percent infection rate to close the largest school system in the United States.

“I don’t understand why New York City feels it has to stick to the 3% positive rule to close schools, even though it currently knows more about the virus, including its relatively low school infection rates. “Hmm,” he writes. “If I were a parent loose the temper.. “

Critics asked Mayor De Blasio and the city’s teachers union about his dedication to the metric system. And Silver joined the choir with full rebuke.

“3% are not necessarily proven, empirically derived heuristics that have proven to be robust in many of the past pandemics,” he continued in his second post. “Everyone is just making this — up as they progress! It’s completely arbitrary.”

A prominent rebuke from Silver, who has 3.6 million followers on his account, flashed a response from City Hall spokesman Bill Nadart, who mimicked Silver’s phrasing.

“I don’t know why you set standards for public health authorities and then want them to move around the mean,” he wrote. “I don’t know why the school needs to be left open without adjustment, even with high COVID levels, even though it is designed to be safe with low spread levels throughout the city.”

In expanding his broadside, Silver also mentioned the confusing disparity in infection rate levels generally presented by the states and cities on Wednesday.

“Also, state data show that the average positive rate for seven days in New York is less than 3% (more specifically 2.5%),” he said.

Some parents have highlighted the lowest infection rates in the DOE test of the school population, which is questioning the 3% threshold.

De Blasio defended the adherence to numbers, arguing that he needed to stick to the original standards amid growing concerns about a city-wide relapse.

Nate Silver accuses City Hall to close school in COVID-19 spikes

Source link Nate Silver accuses City Hall to close school in COVID-19 spikes

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