NASA aims to launch the first lunar rocket since the Apollo program in February

NASA is currently targeting February 2022 for a powerful launch Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket..

Stacked with the agency Orion Crew Capsules, the SLS is 332 feet high and is currently located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

SLS Start next-generation deep space operation, include Artemis mission, And its surroundings Month..

Initially I was planning to take off In November However, it is behind schedule.

NASA said in a Friday release The integrated system is in the final stages of preparation for the next unmanned flight test around the Moon, including a series of integration tests.

Its mission, known as Artemis 1, will pave the way for future flight tests with the crew. NASA aims to send the first women and the first colored races to the moon in the coming years.

“It’s hard to put into words what this milestone means. Not just here at Exploration Ground Systems, but all the incredibly talented people who worked hard to reach this point. “For me too,” the manager said in a statement: “Our team has shown a great deal of dedication to the launch of Artemis 1. With continuous integration testing and wet dress rehearsals, there is still work to be done for the launch, but it is fully stacked. I’m sure you’ll see the SLS. It’s a reward for all of us. ”

Tests include interface validation tests, program-specific engineering tests, end-to-end communication tests, countdown sequence tests, and wet dress rehearsal tests.

According to Space.comAt a media briefing on Friday, Tom Whitmeier, Deputy Deputy Administrator of NASA Headquarters Exploration System Development, told reporters that stacked rockets and crew capsules were deployed to Launch Pad 398 in late December and tested in January. He said a Westdress rehearsal test would be held. Go back to check out further and then go to the pad again.

“Before deploying to wetdress pads, the team will conduct the first test of a two-part test of the flight termination system in the VAB. Once the system is verified, a 322-foot-high rocket will be launched. Before returning to the pad for, it will be rolled back to the VAB for final inspection and checkout, which includes the second part of the end-of-flight system test, “NASA writes. Please note that the Artemis 1 mission operations team will continue to run additional launch simulations until launch.

The agency said it would set a specific launch date after a successful wet dress rehearsal.

SLS Equipped with a core stage With 4 RS-25 Liquid propellant An engine that produces millions of pounds of thrust and a twin 5-segment solid rocket booster.

NASA launched the core stage and its engine twice this year to ensure that the rocket components were functioning, but the first high-temperature fire test in January ended early due to a hydraulic system problem. Did.

NASA Finally completed March moon rocket engine test launch.

1972 Apollo 17 mission It was the last place humans traveled to the moon.

NASA aims to launch the first lunar rocket since the Apollo program in February

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