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My pillow CEO Mike Lindel helped pay a $ 2 million bail for Kyle Rittenhaus, a suspected Kenosha shooter, lawyers say.

A teenager, Kyle Rittenhaus, who was accused of being shot dead in August during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was released from detention after a $ 2 million bail, according to the County Sheriff’s Office. Released.

Rittenhaus was his attorney, Sgt, a spokesman for the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office, on Friday afternoon. He was released after $ 2 million was invested through. David Wright told CNN.

CNN is seeking comment from a Rittenhouse attorney.

Attorney Lynn Wood said in a tweet on Friday that My Pillow CEO Mike Lindel and actor Ricky Schroeder helped raise Rittenhouse’s “$ 2 million bail”. It was.

“We need God’s blessing for everyone who donates to help raise #FightBack. We needed $ 2 million in bail. Thanks to actors Ricky Schroder @ rickyshroder1 and MikeLindell @ realMikeLindell. Kyle Is safe. Thanks to everyone who helped this boy. “Read the tweet.

Rittenhaus is faced with allegedly injuring Gaiji Grosskreutz by killing Anthony M. Hoover and Joseph Frozenbaum during a protest after police shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha in August.

Lauren Keating, Commissioner of Kenosha County, said courts could face life imprisonment or at least a significant period, perhaps decades of imprisonment, when they set up bonds earlier this month. He said he considered it a “flight risk”. I was convicted.

Rittenhouse was afraid of life imprisonment after leaving himself to the authorities, a teenager friend told police in a recorded interview that CNN obtained through the Information Disclosure Act.

“The man is sweating like a pig. He’s just surprised. His face is white. He says,” I’m going to jail for the rest of my life. I’m done. ” He’s just scared. ” A friend, Dominique Black, can be seen explaining to a detective in a video recorded on August 26 in Antioch, Illinois, where Rittenhaus was arrested.

Black told Rittenhouse that he tried to calm both himself and Rittenhouse. “From what you’re telling me, you’ve protected yourself as long as I believe. Just calm down, we go home, if you let yourself go, it’s all okay.” Said.

Black said he received a call from Rittenhouse after hearing a gunshot a few blocks away.

“He said,’I just shot someone! I just shot someone!’ And when I tried to ask him why, what happened and where he was, he hung up. “Mr. Black said.

Black told an Antioch police detective what happened when Rittenhaus confronted the police in Kenosha. “He approached her and said she was like a woman,’I shot someone.’ She said to him,’No, I’m going.’

Rittenhaus faces two attempted murders with the deaths of Rosenbaum and Hoover, and Grosskreutz faces a felony attempted murder.

According to court records, he was also charged with possessing a minor and dangerous weapon under the age of 18.

Attorneys at Rittenhouse claimed that there was evidence that teens acted in self-defense.

Black, who was charged with two charges of intentionally giving a weapon to a person under the age of 18 and killing him, allegedly purchased and stored a suspected murder weapon for the Rittenhouse.

Black’s lawyer claims that there is no evidence that he gave the Rittenhouse a gun, according to a Thursday hearing that dismissed his allegations to withdraw his charges against Black. According to court records, the black man will return to court on January 13.

The Chicago Tribune first reported on a recording of a police interview.

Rittenhaus will return to court for a preliminary hearing on December 3.

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My pillow CEO Mike Lindel helped pay a $ 2 million bail for Kyle Rittenhaus, a suspected Kenosha shooter, lawyers say.

Source link My pillow CEO Mike Lindel helped pay a $ 2 million bail for Kyle Rittenhaus, a suspected Kenosha shooter, lawyers say.

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