My mother used my breast milk for facials

Talk about milking the situation.

In the latest episode of TLC’s hit reality series,sMothered, “Former mother-daughter cast member Dawn and Cher Hubsher There’s a little extravagant session that includes a home facial made from shale breast milk.

“Is there anything good for your skin?” Dawn suggests to her offspring who already have a reputation. To share everything..

In this exclusive preview of Episode 6, Dawn proposes that the duo take shale milk and mix it with a facial skin care mask.

“S Mothered” Season 3Follows several pairs of mothers and daughters with incredibly close ties, co-produced by The Post, and continues to record season 1 mothers and daughters, including the return duo. Dawn and shale.

"sMothered" Featuring Dawn Habshire and her daughter, Sher.
“S Mothered” features Dawn Habshire and her daughter Sher.
TLC / Jeremy Kwart

This effort has been a multi-generational effort, with Cher’s daughter Bell accompanying her mother and grandmother in preparing and applying a breast milk mask. As a Med Spa nurse, Sher justifies that she’s heard breastfeeding facials but never had the chance to try them … until now.

Some mothers may recommend breastfeeding to their daughter in turn To receive some health benefits.. However, like her daughter and granddaughter, Dawn herself seems to want to enjoy the benefits of breast milk.

Mother and daughter duo Dawn and Sher create a unique home facial in a new episode "sMothered."
The mother-daughter duo Dawn and Sher create a unique at-home facial in a new episode of “sMothered.”

Dawn continues to explain how this anomalous activity is not unusual for the two.

“Nothing comes out of the shale is crude. We are at a completely different level together,” says Dawn. “And it’s fun and together we’re making another memory for us. Sher and I are approaching every day.”

Sher adds that this kind of activity is exactly what she misses while living in New York’s Upper East Side, hundreds of miles from her mother in Florida. “My mom and I do everything together, and when I get home, it’s not exactly the same without her,” Sher says solemnly.

In the middle of the breastfeeding bash, Cher’s best friend Tanya stops and the mother-daughter duo is excited to see her, but sharing the latest skincare hacks is even more important. Tanya is greeted by a radiant dawn with her face on as she tries to explain what Sher is doing.

Tanya is stunned by the silence.

“Of course, I’m doing anything good for my skin,” Dawn reiterated to skeptical Tanya, justifying her actions by saying, “Good for your skin!”

Even Tanya, who previously had a front row seat of wild mother-daughter disgust, seems unable to wrap her head in this.

“S Mothered” Season 3 airs every Monday at 9pm on TLC.

"sMothered" The stars are a close mother, Dawn Habshire, and her daughter, Sher.
“S Mothered” starring a close mother, Dawn Habshire, and her daughter, Sher.

My mother used my breast milk for facials

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