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My Focus: Cultural Highlights of Anoni | Anoni

T.Musician and visual artist Anoni was born in Chichester in 1971. She moved to California with her family when she was 10 years old, she moved to Manhattan to study experimental theater at New York University in 1990, she participated in her scene in New York performances, and later Antony and Formed The Johnsons. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2000, and its follow-up album, i am a birdwon the Mercury Prize in 2005. After a decade-long hiatus, during which she released solo material and was nominated for an Academy Award, the band reformed as follows. Anohni and the Johnsons. their sixth album, my back was a bridge for you to crossis now on sale.

1. Television

Arnold (Netflix)

I love this ingeniously conceived Arnold Schwarzenegger biopic. he’s really hot! There’s a great scene where he says, “I looked in the mirror and saw that my pectoral muscles were a little saggy, and I thought, ‘Maybe I should have surgery.'” just trying to survive. I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘What the hell? ’” He felt me ​​very deeply when he said that, because that’s what I feel.

2. Music

what happened To Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye, Golden West Studios, Los Angeles, California, 1973. Photo: Jim Britt/Getty Images

The album, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, brought together all aspects of global breakness in over 10 songs, and it had a huge impact on me. From the black American musical tradition, Gaye has created gorgeous, world-changing music. [power] It demonstrated resilience in the face of intolerable circumstances and introduced a new template for contemporary politically and environmentally conflicted chronicles. He spoke simple truths in simple words about what was really going on. He seems as if he wrote yesterday.

3. Photo shoot

The price of peace in Afghanistan To Mads Nissen

Women and children beg for bread outside a bakery in central Kabul, Afghanistan, January 14, 2022.
Women and children beg for bread outside a bakery in central Kabul, Afghanistan, January 14, 2022. Photo: Mads Nissen, Politiken/Panos Pictures/World Press Photo 2023

The World Press Photo Yearbook 2023 features a series of images from Afghanistan [by Danish photographer Mads Nissen]. One shows a group of women sitting outside a bakery in full head-to-toe clothing. begging for bread early in the morning. I think of the last two decades of US occupation of Afghanistan and the children, especially girls and gays, who grew up under that occupation with internet access and dreams of potential freedom. And America withdrew. My question is, what’s going on with all those kids now? Why did my country just leave? It’s disgusting.

4. Location

Washington Square Park, Manhattan

People gather at Washington Square Park after the Pride Parade in Manhattan in 2023.
People gather at Washington Square Park after the Pride Parade in Manhattan in 2023. Photo: David Dee Delgado/Reuters

For the past 20 years, the police have had a brutal and fascistic presence in Washington Square Park. But since COVID-19, they’ve basically fled to downtown Manhattan and started plaguing communities within the borough. As a result, young people began to gather in a really fresh way. Now children from all over the city go to Washington Square Park to cross-pollinate. It’s tempting to go there again. It’s similar to what might have happened in the 1960s. The most interesting since I first came to Manhattan in the early 90’s.

5. Art

Fearless Evolution To Lynette Wallworth and Musikgebouw (Amsterdam)

Series of women standing with their palms up
From “Fearless Evolution” by Lynette Wallworth. Photo:

I saw this installation dutch festival And it’s really magic. Walworth first showed off this photo in his 2006. She interviewed refugees from around the world (all women) living in Sydney and compiled their stories into a book, describing the indescribable trauma they endured there. But the installation does not speak. An image of a woman slowly approaching the glass screen is displayed. She puts her hand on the screen and invites you to do the same. And she just stares at you in silence. she’s really really beautiful

6. Hobbies

water observation

North Sea waves crashing against Tynemouth Lighthouse, April 2021.
North Sea waves crashing against Tynemouth Lighthouse, April 2021. Photo: Owen Humphries/Pennsylvania

I like to observe different volumes of water. I am made of 70% water, but when I take a bath I am 100% water and she is 70% water… I like to observe that sometimes. But more important is the movement of water and oceans. A few days ago, the North Sea was reported to be up to 5°C warmer than it should be. This could lead to mass mortality of fish.Many thought the waters around Britain and Ireland would not collapse [to the climate crisis], but they. If the sea dies, our future won’t be in much trouble. My Focus: Cultural Highlights of Anoni | Anoni

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