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MTA Bus Removed from Brooklyn Brownstone 4 Days After Crash – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) – Ann MTA That bus Crash into brownstone in Brooklyn I have been staying in the building since I was finally moved on Monday and finally Friday.

Jenna DeAngelis of CBS2 reports that a lot of work had to be done in advance to prevent the building from collapsing when the bus was moving.

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The MTA brought in a heavy truck and slowly pulled the bus from Brownstone on Lincoln Road. People cheered when it was finally removed.

(Credit: CBS2)

“I don’t see the bus in my house every day, but some of us are interested in its technical part. How do you plan to get this bus out of the house without collapsing it? ? ”Susan Hemley, who lives near Brownstone, said.

“It’s a pretty scene. I can’t help but think that most people are here because I want to see if the building collapses,” said another neighbor, Jordan Thompson.

According to the Construction Department, the contractor has installed a pre-order to prevent the front of the building from collapsing completely.

People approached the bus to see the damage. The windshield broke and the windshield broke.

(Credit: CBS2)

“It’s a quirky attraction for the area,” said a neighbor.

The chaotic scene continued Taken with a camera inside the bus Monday afternoon. The driver appeared to have lost control and turned to an oncoming vehicle.

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The union on behalf of the driver said a 13-year veteran with an exemplary record stood up to change the bus service number. However, when he sat down and released the emergency brake, the bus suddenly started. did.

“He tried to stop the bus, but it didn’t.” JP Patafio of TWU Local 100 told CBS2“You need to look at the interior design of the bus to make sure there are no mechanical problems.”

(Credit: CBS2)

MTA Surveillance video “It’s annoying,” he said. “I’m questioning whether the basic safety rules were followed.”

The agency said on monday No obvious mechanical problems found..

16 people including the driver, I was injured in an accident, But everything is expected to be ok.

“He was lucky to be alive in front of the bus and after seeing the house,” said Pamela Yard. Prospect Lefferts Gardens..

“Honestly, it’s a miracle,” Malcolm Shaw said.

The next step is to determine if the brownstone can be repaired.

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CBS2 has contacted the Housing and Architecture Bureau for up-to-date information on the condition of the building, but is still waiting for a reply.

MTA Bus Removed from Brooklyn Brownstone 4 Days After Crash – CBS New York

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