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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes shrugged off Biden’s lies while ripping George Santos

As far as MSNBC host Chris Hayes is concerned, President Biden’s fives aren’t nearly as bad as those of Congressman-elect George Santos.

Inevitably, the draw between Biden and New York Republican Santos, who admits to lying repeatedly about his biography, he is the leftist. caster was accused of having overt political bias.

“I think it sets us apart from ‘normal’.” [politician] bs-ing and scammer’s serial lie, and he [Santos] Got a violation on either side of that line. If it turned out that Joe Biden didn’t actually have a law degree, that would have been a pretty big deal!” Hayes said in a tweet Tuesday.

He was flooded with comments on social media accusing him of covering up for Biden.”

Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark R. Levin said in a tweet Wednesday:

Santos apologized Monday for inflating credentials about his financial career and lying about having degrees from Baruch College and New York University, but will continue to work in Congress after winning a seat in the midterm elections. Said he was going to.

Biden didn’t lie about going to law school, but the Democratic president is notorious for his career exaggeration and outright fabrication.

He graduated in the top half of his class (graduating 76th out of 85), holds three bachelor’s degrees (one degree in two majors), and holds a “full academic scholarship” in law. school (Newsweek reported that it was a partial scholarship based on financial need).

Additionally, Biden plagiarized his 1965 paper as a first-year law student in the Law Review Journal. He said in 1978 that it was not “malicious” and that he misunderstood the citation rules.

Conservative website Twitchy accused Hayes of “degrading Biden’s decades of lies”.

“Sure, Santos is a liar who lies like a carpet,” said Twitchy. “But while the man currently occupying the White House has a much longer history as a fabulist and is being quickly fired by the same people who want to blacklist Santos from politics, Santos is a coal miner. Joe Biden’s lies are either just misrepresentations or honest mistakes, and that’s assuming they even admit to Biden’s lies in the first place. doing.”

Hayes’ comments were in response to a tweet by Never Trump conservative Jonah Goldberg.

“I think Santos is a complete disgrace and has no place in the public eye. But many people who criticize him on this site say that both the current president and his predecessor are criticized for their accomplishments.” I seem to have forgotten how much I ’embellished’ it,” Goldberg tweeted.

After Hayes responded, Goldberg said: But I thought Biden’s “decoration” was a disqualification decades ago. And obviously, I thought Trump would (although he had bigger ineligibility issues).

Biden was dropped from the 1988 Democratic primary for plagiarizing a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock.

Santos played the Biden candidate Tuesday in an interview with former congressman Tulsi Gabbard, who stood in for regular host Tucker Carlson, in an interview with Fox News Channel.

“Look at Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been lying to the American people for 40 years. He’s the President of the United States. Democrats strongly support him. Aren’t they ashamed?” ?” said Mr. Santos.

Gabbard replied, “This is not about Democrats.”

Kelly Pickett contributed to this report. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes shrugged off Biden’s lies while ripping George Santos

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