Mozzeria, a peatzeria owned by the deaf of the mission, closed nine days later.

The Bay Area has lost its only Deaf-owned and operated restaurant, Mozzeria (3228 16th St.), due to the ongoing pandemic recession. The deaf owners Melody and Rasstein have said they will continue to drive the food truck, but it’s time to give up on the mission’s physical restaurant.

KQED released news about the closure this week. Anna Mindess, a writer and interpreter for American Sign Language (ASL), has covered restaurants since her debut in December 2011. Made in a wood-burning oven imported from Naples, the Mozzeria Neapolitan pizza was popular with both local auditory customers and the larger deaf community in the area. Many Deaf people are familiar with the feeling of alienation that accompanies eating out in most restaurants. For example, some servers may not be able to properly answer menu questions without clumsy writing down or passing notes. However, Stein, who grew up in the Deaf community and attended all Deaf schools, wanted to create a cozy and safe space for Deaf people, especially those who love pizza.

The narrow interior of Mozzeria on 16th Avenue. | Photo: Michael U./ Yelp

As Mindes wrote, “Celebrating a birthday, graduation, or work with many Deaf friends was a perfect excuse for a festive night in Mozzeria.” Customers may still be in the minority at restaurants most nights, but Mindness said, “Mozelia relaxes, perhaps bumps into deaf friends and friends of friends, relaxes and chats away at night. It was a place. “

Melody Stein grew up in the Bay Area, the daughter of the restaurant owner’s parents. There are two restaurants in Hong Kong and then moved here to access the acclaimed California Deaf School in Fremont. She always dreamed of running her own restaurant, but when the Deaf were told to take responsibility in a professional kitchen and couldn’t hear verbal orders as pots and pans moved around, Her desire to go to a cooking school was shattered.

Steins has a big plan to turn Mozzeria into a national brand, and the closure of a restaurant in San Francisco is a temporary suspension of that plan. Just in September, during a pandemic, they opened a second Mozzeria in Washington, DC. It’s a few blocks away from the university for the hearing impaired, both attended in the 1990s. And the restaurant continues to operate with the Bay Area pizza truck.

Mozzeria is one of the only Deaf-owned and operated restaurants in the world, with only a few other restaurants in the United States, including Austin’s Crêpe Crazy, and several restaurants, including Darren’s in Manhattan Beach, California. Has closed in recent years.

Check the Mozzeria website for food truck schedules.

Mozzeria, a peatzeria owned by the deaf of the mission, closed nine days later.

Source link Mozzeria, a peatzeria owned by the deaf of the mission, closed nine days later.

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