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More than 250,000 Americans died from coronavirus as US cases surged-Live | US News

Guardian Kenya Evelyn reports from Milwaukee on a Trump campaign request for a partial recount in Wisconsin.

Let’s challenge Joe BidenPresidential victory in the November 3 elections at any time, Donald Trump And his campaign uses a playbook that’s too familiar in the dispute over voting rights.

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NEW: The Trump campaign will send $ 3 million to Wisconsin to cover the cost of recounting in Milwaukee and Dane counties.

November 18, 2020

The campaign has announced that it will formally request a recount in Madison, Wisconsin, and in Dane and Milwaukee counties, home of the largest city of Milwaukee.

With a thriving university campus and a young and diverse population, both cities are liberal fortresses, as opposed to the state’s more conservative suburbs and rural communities.

Black Voting Rights: Fight for Change in Milwaukee, one of America’s most isolated cities

Voter turnout did not reach record levels in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Detroit, but especially in a November 3 poll, Biden’s deciding factor for 20,000 votes so far was Black Milwaukee. Appeared.

Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 with just 23,000 votes. This is also due to the disguised Russian online promotion that forces young black voters in Milwaukee to stay home.

for RepublicanThis time, challenging the legitimacy of the most isolated cities in the country would not overturn the consequences, but it is mainly for blacks and people to challenge the vote of democratic city centers. Helps the campaign’s goal of playing in the seed and political sectors.

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Yesterday, the Republican campaign chairman in Wayne County said he wanted to prove his vote in the “non-Detroit community.”

Today, Trump’s filing is only spoken of in Milwaukee and Madison, where 74% of black voters live.

Depriving black voters is Trump’s legal strategy

November 18, 2020

These attempts prove to be unsuccessful in Michigan. In Michigan, two Republican officials were furious at the last attempt to prevent Wayne County, which incorporated Detroit, from proving the results.

Visibly angry due to virus rebuke Ned Staebler, Members of Wayne County’s campaign committee have blown up Republican certifiers and said the “Trump stains, racist stains” they cover “will continue.” [them] Throughout history.

“Millions of people around the world are now willing to deprive black voters of their rights by order, lacking an understanding of integrity and fragments of human dignity. I know as a racist, “said Staebler.

More than 250,000 Americans died from coronavirus as US cases surged-Live | US News

Source link More than 250,000 Americans died from coronavirus as US cases surged-Live | US News

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