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More Asylum Seekers Arrive in New York City After Official Arrival Center Opens in Manhattan

new york — More asylum seekers arrive new york city Saturday, the day after the city first opened its ports, Official Arrival Center at the Roosevelt Hotel of manhattan.

Even with hotels in Midtown, officials fear the city will soon run out of space and say the Biden administration needs to step up.

For now, President Roosevelt will provide legal, medical, and other services in addition to protection.

Rosalva Escalona and her husband were among the first to arrive on Friday. They came here from Venezuela.

“It was terrible. I had to flee from danger and threat. I don’t want to remember it,” Escalona said in Spanish.

The family received a warm welcome from supporters and a local pizzeria provided free meals.

“I think everyone was an immigrant at some point,” said Dino Reddick, co-owner of Uncle Paul’s Pizza.

The scale of the problem is clear from the latest figures. Over 67,000 asylum seekers have arrived here, with thousands more expected. As of Wednesday, 42,400 people had been displaced, including 9,000 in the city’s public schools.

Asylum seekers arrive at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan


“I don’t know if we can keep this going longer,” Manuel Castro, the mayor’s director of immigration affairs, said on CBS2’s “The Point with Marcia Kramer.”

Castro accused the Biden administration of exacerbating the city’s problems. Not only has he failed to raise money, he said, he has also refused to approve work permits for immigrants.

“We have bailed out the federal government in many ways,” Castro said. Let’s go,” he said.

Castro said city officials had inspected more than 500 locations. Including Rikers Islandproviding housing for asylum seekers as more refugees arrive.

The city has faced a backlash when it tried to send asylum seekers to the refugees. public school gym and nearby suburban counties. More Asylum Seekers Arrive in New York City After Official Arrival Center Opens in Manhattan

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