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Monster dog food trucks offer terrifying hot dog toppings like caramel corn

Chicago — Visit the horror-inspired Monster Dogs food truck and you’ll be greeted by giant red-and-green-eyed Chicago-style hot dogs. It’s not one of his four terrifyingly delicious hot dogs that Windy City’s newest restaurant offers, but its goal is to draw crowds.

“The idea was to do a really unique photo shoot for people who came to see the track,” said Louie Mendicino, owner of Monster Dogs. ”

Mendicino and chef Jason Gilmore developed Monster Dogs out of their love for horror movies and crazy food combinations. Their horrible menu includes hot dogs topped with pork skin, potato chips, and even breakfast cereal.

“The dog itself is a monster, so we decided why not,” Gilmore said. “They are hot dogs. They should be fun.”

Every menu item is a Wiener beef hot dog with a unique garnish, named after a horror movie monster. “Kids of Corn Dogs” are topped with chipotle crema corn salad, fried pork skins, hot sauce, and hot cheat dust.

“This is my interpretation of a corn dog,” Gilmore said.

Another popular menu item, “The Gremlin,” was inspired by baseball, crackerjacks and hot dogs, Gilmore said. Topped with miso maple sauce, sriracha mustard, sesame seeds, spring onions and caramel popcorn.

“Jason is a mad scientist,” Mendicino said.

Their offerings also include breakfast hot dogs topped with blueberry jam, bacon, cereal milk mustard, and cinnamon toast crunch on French Toast Hawaiian Rolls.

“He must have been in a dream,” said Gilmore. “Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal ever, so why not put it in a hot dog?”

Mendicino and Gilmore commissioned Chicago filmmaker Ryan Oliver and a team of collaborators called “The Rot Shop” to build and design the horror elements that graced the food truck.

“We all worked together to develop everything from the logo to the hand coming out of the side of the truck holding an exact replica of a hot dog,” Mendicino said.

The track debuted at Riot Fest, a three-day punk rock festival on Chicago’s Southwest Side. Monster Dogs quickly became a popular destination for concert-goers.

“I think the line was 80 deep at one point,” said Mendicino. “I never dreamed that the first run would be so successful.”

Mendicino appreciates the initial welcome and hopes for even greater plans for the future of Monster Dogs.

“One day, it could easily turn into a physical store,” said Mendicino. “We are all really excited about the prospect.” Monster dog food trucks offer terrifying hot dog toppings like caramel corn

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