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Mitch McConnell said Trump harassed Republican voters and made the GOP look ‘kind of nasty’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the former president donald trumpreiterate that the influence of his blame his political opponent of Republican Party Midfield shortcomings.

Mr McConnellMy relationship with him became increasingly strained. playing cards Since the 2021 Capitol riots, he said. playing cards helped give voters an unattractive image Republican Party betrayed voters’ trust.

“The loss of much-needed support among independents and moderate Republicans was largely due to the former president’s view of our party.” McConnell told NBC News.

Mr McConnell “Strangely, even though a subset of voters did not approve of President Biden, they were unable to gain enough credibility to get the majority they needed.”

Republicans have fared better than expected in a year that was expected to be a “red wave.”

of Republican Party While Democrats maintained control in the Senate, they barely took control of the House.

Mr McConnell Said he We will then actively seek out “Quality Candidates” for 2024 he Republicans said they performed poorly in every state.

Kentucky Republicans are Republican Partyperformances were “fatal” in Arizona, New Hampshire, and Georgia.

Mr McConnell feuded with the pro-Trump faction of his A party that includes Senator Rick Scott of Florida, who headed the campaign division of the Senate.

Mr McConnell rejected PartyIn an election to promote a low-quality candidate past the primary, Mr. Scott has come to publicly accuse his party of not respecting the will of voters.

Mr playing cardsmeanwhile pointing a finger at Mr. McConnell For financially boosting a more moderate candidate than the former president’s “America First” candidate.

“this is Mitch McConnellIt’s because of It was a big mistake to spend money on defeating a great Republican candidate instead of endorsing Blake Masters and others. playing cards I wrote to TruthSocial earlier this month. “he Blow the midterm elections and despise everyone he When his Otherwise lovely wife, Coco Chou! Mitch McConnell said Trump harassed Republican voters and made the GOP look ‘kind of nasty’

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