Minority, poor NY people say “lift the charter cap”

It’s not just crime and public security. Many Democrats and mayors haven’t had bad contact with New Yorkers, who claim they also care about education.

A post poll (conducted by McLaughlin & Associates) found that more than 60% of the city’s Democrats supported school choices and raised limits that prevented new charter schools from opening. And an astonishing 72% of people with household incomes less than $ 60,000 want to raise the cap, as do the majority of union households.

Even the majority of voters (54.5 percent) in favor of the far-left candidate Diane Morales have approved an increase in school choice.

More than 60% of Black, Hispanic and Asian Democratic voters want more charter schools and 55% more whites.

Democrats in grassroots cities are fed up with the terrible public school system for poor and minority children and agree that parents should have more options. Still, Mayor Bill de Blasio has been in office for eight years to curb the growth of charter schools, but many city lawmakers have voted for Albany to maintain the cap.

Democratic voters also oppose De Blasio’s main idea of ​​improving choices for black and Hispanic children: removing middle and high school admission criteria. In a post poll, the mayor’s move to kill academic screening in city junior high schools was supported by only 39.1% of Democrats, with 48.9 disapproved.

Diane Morales
The majority of voters in favor of candidate Diane Morales approve expanded school choices.
Christopher Sadowsky

For its final issue, including the willingness to abolish admission criteria at the city’s top high schools, parents, especially in the Asian community, have elected members who agree with the criteria of the Community Education Council.

Meanwhile, last week Post reported A rebellion by the City Ministry of Education’s routine acceptance of rotten public schools by middle-class black parents in Queens District 29.

Democratic Senator Leroy Comrie (my child attended public school) Summarized the frustration of his members: “If chronic poor performance does not scare successful students, then the epidemic of violence and bullying is scary. Registrations are declining and DOEs continue to act as if the problem resolves naturally. I will. “

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Democratic voters are opposed to the current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s idea of ​​improving the options for black and Hispanic children.

Many families in District 29 either moved away from the DOE system or separated their children and chose Catholic, private, or public charter schools. Because the DOE failed badly during the pandemic throughout the city Charter registration surged Last year, even if the cap prevented the opening of new schools, it increased by nearly 10,000 to over 138,000.

Meanwhile, admission to DOE school fell The DOE budget continues to grow, but is below 890,000.

Parliamentary Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​need to stop soothing special interests and listen to grassroots Democrats.

Minority, poor NY people say “lift the charter cap”

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