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Minnesota legislature votes to legalize marijuana

Minnesota legislature passed recreational marijuana legalization, putting the state on track to become the 23rd state in the United States to legalize marijuana. It could come into effect as early as this summer.

On Friday, the Minnesota Senate voted 34-33 in favor of the bill, with all Democrats in favor and all Republicans against. The state legislature approved a similar bill Tuesday by a vote of 71-59.

The issue will now be brought before a joint House-Senate committee to resolve differences between the two bills. Governor Tim Waltz said he plans to sign the bill as soon as it is on his desk.

The bill would legalize recreational cannabis for people over the age of 21 and allow the establishment of marijuana businesses. It also provides for the expungement of those previously convicted of marijuana offenses.

Bill differences include the amount of tax charged (10% or 8%) and the amount of cannabis you can legally possess (1.5 pounds or 5 pounds). Another difference is when the removal will take effect: August this year or 2025.

If the final bill is signed into law, Minnesota will become the 23rd state to legalize marijuana in the United States. Minnesota legislature votes to legalize marijuana

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