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Minneapolis mom Arabellafoss-Yarbrough targeted by gunmen yells at protesters

Minneapolis mom I was able to see it in a video confronting the protesters After a tense six-hour standoff, they gathered outside the man’s house, which was fatally shot by police.

Her mother, Arabella Foss Yarbrough, called the police last Wednesday night after her neighbor. Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg She allegedly fired ammunition at her apartment while she was cooking for two young children.

The gunman was finally shot dead Thursday morning by two Minneapolis police snipers.

A pistol with an expanded magazine and several bullet casings was recovered from his apartment.

“This is not the situation for George Floyd. George Floyd is not armed. This is not okay,” Foss Yarbrough was seen yelling at a group of protesters on Saturday. “He tried to kill me in front of my children.”

Photos from inside Foss-Yarbrough’s house show multiple bullet holes just above her front door, walls, and sink in her bathroom.

Arabella Foss Yarbrough told protesters that Andrew “Tekle” Sandberg tried to kill her in front of the children.
Fox 9

Regardless of the shooting situation, activists gathered outside the building on Saturday to demand Sandberg’s justice.

When Foss-Yarbrough pulled the car into the building, she unleashed protesters, including Sundberg’s parents.

“My kids now have a mental illness because they have to deal with this and they probably lost most of their lives,” she said. “He saw me move and was sitting in the f-king corridor, so there’s a bullet hole in my kitchen. He tried to kill me in front of my kids.”

Foss-Yarbrough yells at the protesters from her car.
Foss-Yarbrough’s house had a hole in the ammunition just above the front door, the wall, and the bathroom.
Fox 9

Minneapolis police said they were working to make the footage of the shooting publicly available.

According to the agency, there were hundreds of hours of footage from more than 50 police officers on the scene.

Sandberg’s family said he had a mental health crisis at the time of the shooting.

Activist and caretaker of George Floyd Square, Masha Howard, will take some time while lighting the candles at the 20-year-old Andrew Tekkle Sandberg's rally on Thursday, July 14, 2022.
Sandberg’s family said he was suffering from a mental crisis when he fired ammunition at Foss Yarbrough’s apartment.
Aaron Ravinsky / Star Tribune via AP

According to the 20-year-old archer was adopted from Ethiopia and had many siblings. CBS Minnesota.

When Foss-Yarbrough confronted the protesters, Sundberg’s parents were outside the building. They said they sympathized with their neighbors.

“I wish I could wrap my arm around her and say I’m sorry,” Cindy Sandberg said. “She is very sorry for her pain because she had to experience her.

“The techle was an imperfect human because we are all imperfect humans and do not deserve to be picked up like animals from the roof,” his mother said.

Minneapolis mom Arabellafoss-Yarbrough targeted by gunmen yells at protesters

Source link Minneapolis mom Arabellafoss-Yarbrough targeted by gunmen yells at protesters

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