Minimalistic Fashion Pieces for Those Who Like to Keep it Simple

When it comes to personal style, some people love statement pieces. Others like to take a more subtle approach, relying on color combinations and softer design to inspire appreciation in those who take the time to notice. There isn’t one way that is better than the other, but if you’re a fan of keeping it simple, here are a few minimalistic fashion pieces that will help you stand out – without being over the top.

Subtle Jewelry

Big earrings and flashy bracelets might be the elegant touch you need to elevate your evening wear. For everyday accessories, however, understated jewelry can give your wardrobe a subtle lift without being distracting. If you are a recent graduate, or even if you graduated a while ago, but still retain your school spirit, college jewelry is an understated way to show your school pride. Minimalist mascot or school logo jewelry is also a great way to start a conversation with those who recognize the symbology, too. (Think game days!) Fellow alumni might just recognize Ralphie the Buffalo on your CU jewelry and be inspired to share their memories of college — right before they ask where you got your piece. 

Jewelry isn’t just for the ladies looking to make a subtle statement, either. Simple leather bands are rustic and can be the masculine touch you need to round out your style. Instead of being limited to CSU jewelry like necklaces and bracelets, a leather band that fastens with a small clasp engraved with the CSU logo or mascot is a subtle way to show school pride without being too flashy.

A Black Blazer

Black goes with anything, and a black blazer can take jeans and a t-shirt from drab to business professional in as little time as it takes to straighten the lapels. A black blazer is one of those staple pieces that everyone should have in their closet. It’s a simple, relatively affordable way to elevate just about any clothing combination you own by adding a touch of professionalism. Another great thing about black blazers is their versatility. Pair them with pants or dresses to up your style quotients. 

If you’re looking to add a black blazer to your wardrobe, be sure that it fits you well, even if that means having it professionally altered for a perfect fit. Not only will a well-fitted blazer make you feel more comfortable but it’s also something that the people around you will definitely notice. 

Simple Solids

Bold patterns and bright colors are effective strategies if you want to stand out, but for those who like to keep it simple, solids are the blank canvas you need to maintain a minimalist wardrobe. Leaning into solids doesn’t mean you have to stick to blacks, grays, and whites, either. Pops of color are a great way to break up your outfits without going over the top. While printed fabrics are great to add an element of style, they run the risk of going out of fashion quickly. Not only that, but many of the prints you may see in the market seem replicas of each other — not a great way to actually stand out! Solids, on the other hand, are the perfect backdrop to let your accessories shine.

For the minimalist fashionista, standing out isn’t the goal, but the byproduct of mindful fashion choices. Keeping a few basic but stylish pieces of clothing and jewelry in your closet is a sure way to always be prepared for any event. Keep a few of these tips in mind during your next shopping trip and stock your closet with pieces designed to quietly make a statement. 

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