Mike Tyson’s torn Instagram photo worries about Roy Jones

Mike Tyson hasn’t messed around before returning to the square circle.

We’ve been watching in awe for months as his 54-year-old body has returned to dominating the world.

When he sent the punching bag to another area, he left his chin on the floor by showing that he still had the power to end the world with both hands.

Less than two weeks after the long-awaited confrontation with former four-category world champion Roy Jones Jr., Tyson sent social media to the meltdown by showing off his horrifying frame.

Known as “the worst man on the planet,” Tyson now appears to be shredded at the age of 54 throughout his professional career as the youngest heavyweight champion in the world.

Fans looking at the image couldn’t believe their eyes for fear of Jones’s safety as he stepped into the ring on the other side of the beast.

“I followed @MikeTyson throughout my conscious life and covered the last two weeks of fighting in 2004 and 2005 … this time he’s in a different kind of figure,” ESPN Radio said. Host Peter Rosenberg writes.

Dallas Cowboys writer Clarence Hill Jr. writes:

Brent Tate, a professional wrestler, wrote:

Both fighters are preparing for a bruise encounter, but said they were dissatisfied with the decision to use the two-minute round and preferred to fight in the longer three-minute round.

“I’m sure they have a reason to do that,” Tyson said. “But as you know, women fight for two minutes. But I think the committee has more influence than I do. I’m glad we did it.”

Jones was more critical. “I’m not happy at all,” Jones said. “It’s for women. Why do you do a two minute round? We’re the best two we’ve ever had. Two minutes doesn’t help me or him.”

Mike Tyson’s torn Instagram photo worries about Roy Jones

Source link Mike Tyson’s torn Instagram photo worries about Roy Jones

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