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Miguel Cardona repeatedly declined to answer after Republicans asked ‘what is a woman’

Democrats keep denying the definition of “woman” when pressed, so Republicans keep asking.

The latest instance occurred during a House Appropriations Committee hearing on Tuesday when Education Secretary Miguel Cardona repeatedly evaded questions from Georgia Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde.

“The department is focused on providing equal access and non-discriminatory access to students, including LGBTQ students,” said Cardona.

Asked again, Cardona said the question was “almost secondary” to his “key role” in leading the Ministry of Education.

Clyde said for the third time: my question is very simple.what [the Department of Health and Human Services] What is the definition of a woman? ”

Mr Cardona said:

“I think we’ve stressed enough the importance of Title IX in giving students equal access,” added Cardona.

Mr Clyde concluded:

Mr. Cardona no longer approached. Asked Whether it is fair that “mediocre male athletes can simply identify themselves as women and dominate women’s sport”, “our focus at the Ministry of Education is to provide students with equal access without discrimination.” That’s it.”

The exchange of “What is a woman?” remember In an exchange last year between Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn and then-Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, he replied, “I’m not a biologist.”

Her reaction became a national punch line. She was eventually confirmed by the Senate.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra also passed a House hearing last year after being questioned by Illinois Republican Rep. Mary Miller.

“Congressman, I’m looking at you and I think you’re a woman. How much more do you give me?” said Mr. Becerra. Miguel Cardona repeatedly declined to answer after Republicans asked ‘what is a woman’

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