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Microsoft launches new layoffs

microsoft began the fiscal year by announcing that it would lay off more employees.

The company said Monday that an unspecified number of workers will be out of work in the coming days, in addition to the 10,000 workers laid off in January.

Although the exact number of unemployed workers is unknown, microsoft filed a memo Monday saying 276 people will be cut from its headquarters office in Redmond, Wash.

Several sales and customer service representatives announced on social media that they had lost their jobs following the incident. microsoft‘s decision this week shows that job cuts may only be affecting lower-level employees.

microsoftThe latest wave of layoffs has come as no surprise to the tech industry this year. Giants such as Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Google have all cut jobs on a massive scale. Management is trying to cut jobs, especially as labor costs and interest rates rise under the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft launches new layoffs

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