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Michigan teen pleads guilty to killing four in school shooting

A Michigan teenager pleaded guilty Monday to multiple charges in a 2021 school shooting that killed four students and injured six other students and a teacher.

Ethan Cranbury, 16, has been charged with terrorism, first-degree murder, assault with intent to murder, and a felony firearm after the November 30, 2021 attack on Oxford High School by about 30 people. He pleaded guilty to 24 counts, including possession. A mile north of Detroit.

Cranbury previously decided not to pursue an insanity defense and told Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Kwame Lowe that he understands the implications of the potential penalties he now faces.

Parents James and Jennifer Cranbury remain incarcerated on another involuntary manslaughter charge, neglecting their son’s mental health needs and giving him access to the gun used in the shooting. has been accused as

Cranbury’s attorney, Paulette Michelle Loftin, did not discount the possibility that her client would testify against the parents at a later date.

Oxford's Sandra Cunningham holds her daughter Phoebe Arthur, 15, the victim of the Ethan Cranbly shooting, during a pretrial hearing in Oakland County Courthouse in Pontiac, Michigan, Monday, October 24, 2022. comforting.

On the day of the shooting, a teacher sent a message saying, “Thoughts don’t stop. Help me,” and bullets labeled, “There’s blood everywhere.”

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James and Jennifer Cranbly were told to get Ethan Cranbly into counseling within two days, but refused to expel him from school. Unknown, he had a handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition in his backpack and fired at a classmate later in the day before surrendering to the sheriff’s deputy.

The day before, Jennifer Cranbury was allegedly texting Ethan Cranbury to “learn not to get caught” after a teacher caught him looking for ammunition on his phone.

After Ethan Cranbury was arraigned in 2021, James and Jennifer Cranbury were charged with manslaughter. Before they were taken into custody, the couple withdrew $4,000 from an ATM and disappeared, several law enforcement agencies coordinated and found the couple in a Detroit building days later.

The memento is displayed on a sign at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan, Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

“Simply put, [James and Jennifer Crumbley] Their son’s violent tendencies created an environment in which they could flourish.

Crumbley is scheduled to appear in court on February 9, facing the possibility of life in prison with no chance of parole.

Attorneys Ben Johnson and Wolf Mueller, who represent victims’ families in civil lawsuits, described Cranbury’s actions as “cold-blooded” and said his plea is “full justice for our clients.” It’s a small step on the long road to getting

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