Michigan hopes to prove election results on Monday, despite Republican challenges

November 22 – Michigan will prove the outcome of the 2020 elections on Monday in the ongoing challenge of President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Michigan Secretary of State spokeswoman Tracy Wemmer was also asked by Michigan’s Republican National Committee Chairman Laura Cox and Republican National Committee Chairman Rona McDaniel to investigate allegations of fraud. Nonetheless, he told CNN at a meeting scheduled for Monday that the state election committee will prove the election results.

“We have no reason to doubt that campaigners will fulfill their obligations to certify. All 83 counties in Michigan did, and Republican and Democratic clerk said there was no evidence of widespread fraud. Confirmed, and the board has previously certified more clerical elections with a much narrower margin of mistakes and wins. “

President-elect Joe Biden wins the state with about 150,000 votes, and Cox and McDaniel write a letter proposing to take a 14-day break for “full audit and investigation” before proving the state’s election results. I sent it to the door-to-door visit committee.

However, Michigan Secretary of State Joslyn Benson revealed on Saturday that such an audit could not be conducted until the elections were approved.

A group of black voters in Detroit filed a proceeding on Friday, calling on federal judges to prevent Trump and his campaign from “continuing to put pressure” on officials in Michigan and other states. He met with State Senate Republican leader Mike Sharkey and the State Capitol. Chairman Lee Chatfield of the White House.

“The focus of this strategy is to deprive voters, mainly in black cities,” the proceedings said. “Repeating false allegations of fraudulent voting, defendants pressured Michigan state and local authorities not to count votes from Wayne County, Michigan (where Detroit is the county seat). , Which deprives hundreds of thousands of voters of their rights. “”

In some counties in Pennsylvania, where Biden leads about 80,000 votes, Judge Matthew Blanc of the U.S. District Court dismissed a Trump campaign proceeding in an attempt to invalidate millions of Pennsylvania mailing votes. Later, I will prove the election results.

But Saturday Trump vowed to appeal the decision Post to twitter..

In Nevada, where Biden won more than 30,000 votes, district court judge Gloria Starman denied conservative activist Sharon Angle’s objection to the election integrity project, tentatively tentatively accrediting the Nevada Supreme Court. After requesting an injunction, we will approve the results on Tuesday.

Wisconsin faces a December 1 deadline to prove election results, but after last week’s Trump campaign paid $ 3 million to file a recount petition in Dane and Milwaukee counties. , The state is still doing a partial recount. Both voted overwhelmingly for Biden. ..

Georgia proved its election results on Friday following a hand recount showing that Trump had lost 12,284 votes in the election to Biden, but the president said Wednesday that hand recount was “a joke.” After tweeting, he requested a recount of the machine.

Michigan hopes to prove election results on Monday, despite Republican challenges

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