Michael Eric Dyson apologizes for calling Trump supporters “maggots”

Michael Eric Dyson, a professor at Vanderbilt University and a frequent guest at MSNBC, apologized for his recent television appearance and called Trump supporters “MAGAts,” pronounced “maggots.”

Dyson joked Wednesday, “I’m sorry to talk about MAGAts, MAGA,” and then discussed a conservative backlash against Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who defended critical racial research. Military theory.

“They aren’t critical, they don’t have race, they don’t understand the theory,” Dyson said of General Millie’s critics, claiming that “critical racial theory would kill you.” Tore “a mediocre palatable snowflake white man”. mother. “

On Friday, Dyson, an ordained minister teaching African-American studies at a school in Tennessee, apologized for the “Uji” equipment, but “white anger” because of his “mistake.” He doubled his racist comments, saying he had been attacked. .. “

“Blacks must bear the brunt of White’s anger and White’s hostility,” he said. “I myself apologize for this program the other day. When I was talking about MAGA, I was trying to be cute and smart, so it’s” MAGAts “instead of” maggots. ” I didn’t expect White’s brothers and sisters to hear that. Therefore, I deeply and deeply apologize.

“But I was hit by an onslaught of murder threats and was called N-word from White’s wrath because of the mistake I made. I certainly apologize for that,” he added. It was. “And what blacks often disagree with is the fact that we must tell us that emotions do not lead you to our provision of justice …. Still, so many emotions. Is directed at us, so much hatred is directed at us, and so much white anger is directed at us. “

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Michael Eric Dyson apologizes for calling Trump supporters “maggots”

Source link Michael Eric Dyson apologizes for calling Trump supporters “maggots”

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