Mets, Yankees can target these batters on MLB trading deadlines

The Astros won seven of nine games against clubs in New York in a recently signed stretch. It was in a way good for the Mets and the Yankees.

This was a reminder of what the playoff pitching would look like during the season. The Mets and the Yankees combined recorded 16 runs and .139. So it was good that it wasn’t a playoff. The Mets were swept in four games and the Yankees went down three games to two. And it’s good to come well before the trading deadline of August 2nd, not just the playoffs. It became clearer that the Mets and the Yankees each needed to find a bat (or two).

Think about what the New York club did to the two best run prevention teams they faced in 2022. These are the Yankees Astros and Raises. 62 (38% lower than average) compared to .255 / 128 for all other games (all stats go on weekends). The Yankees pitched 9-6 overall, admitting that it was 7-3, especially against Tampa Bay. The Mets hit .207 at 74wRC +, 2-6 against the Astros and Dodgers, compared to .262/114 otherwise.

Neither team can be overly dependent on internal solutions. There is a push for the Mets to summon top prospect Francisco Alvarez to at least DH. But philosophically, general manager Billy Eppler hesitates to call the player directly from Double-A. In particular, a player who is doing very well (especially at his age) but is not dominant is the pennant race.The Yankees are likely to assist with Miguel Andujar or Estevan Florial, both of whom have performed well in Triple A. Finding Joey Gallo’s trading alternative, It is unlikely that you will be a Yankee on August 3rd.

So where does the New York team find bats if they’re also looking at multiple candidates?

Nationals GM Mike Rizzo hears his words that Juan Soto can’t play, but it was certainly a strange time last week to talk about an attempt to further the star. ..

You can find executives who think Pirates will trade with Bryan Reynolds and those who don’t. They agree that the asking price is set so high that it is unlikely that a time-limited transaction will take place. The same is true for the Orioles Austin Hays and Cedric Mullins.

Another complex factor is that the playoffs have expanded from five to six in each league this year, at least with more teams to believe they are competing for. It is almost certain that valuable walk-ear bats will be traded against non-competitors.

Here are some of the main candidates for pros and cons:

1. Andrew Benintendi, Royals

He’s a contact guy who can handle good pitching, but he’s left-handed Mark Canha. That is, he will do it with less force.

2. Josh Bell, Nationals

You always feel like you want more from him, but switch hitters handle left-handed and right-handed well, and because he’s a good two-batter, he limits strikeouts. However, he lost an average of 3 mph when many teams were evaluating the ball hit more than ever. His teammate Nelson Cruz is the only DH to be depressed and turned 42 on July 1st after being traded to Rays last season.

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Andrew Benintendi and Josh Bell
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3. Willson Contreras, Cubs

The team expresses concern about injecting careless catchers into their ranks from time to time when details are more important than ever. But there is little doubt about his bat and fearlessness in the big spots. But if he suddenly turns into a batter, would he get an upset player worried that he’s hurting his free agency? Teammate Ian Happ will be a free agent starting next season — is the team buying his significant strikeout savings?

4. Trey Mancini, Orioles

A professional batter, he wasn’t too strong in 2022. The team may be more interested in switch hitter Anthony Santander, who is sometimes under-skilled, but will not be a free agent until 2025.

5. Brandon Drury, Reds

He has had the best season and has the unquestionable power of diversity. But he also has some statistical inflation and has no track record of going home at the Great American Ball Park and making a difference. As one HR manager said, “If he’s the next best batter you traded, that’s good.” But GM said the Braves had a limited fanfare and championship result last year, Adam Duvall. He pointed out that he added Joc Pederson, Eddie Rosario, and Jorge Soler, saying: time. “

To that end, I wanted to make another list of five under-radar batters, but I think the team should contact us at least from now until August 2nd.

1. Jose Abreu, White Sox

Chicago has been confused (the difference in execution is actually worse than the Orioles). However, AL Central has not yet escaped from the White Sox. In addition, they are the winning team now. Abreu also shows loyalty to stay, and Jerry Reinsdorf is probably known as the most loyal owner. This can only happen if the White Sox is completely dropped, but still probably only with the idea of ​​trading him and resigning as a free agent in the off-season. I think Abreu is a new cruz — a batter who has been playing for years with power and clutch streaks.

2. Ji-man Choi, Raise

Tampa Bay does not give up on the playoffs, but Rays enjoys comfortable walking and chewing gum at the same time. In baseball terminology: they are ready to trade from the Major League Baseball roster, especially if they find a way to compete, especially on the basis of future salaries and talents. Choi and Yandy Diaz are the types of arbitration qualifications that Raise may decide to be expensive in 2023. So why not get your assets right now? How many teams, like Benintendi, prefer Hee-seop Choi to play off at bat?

3. Garrett Cooper, Marlins

Miami is feeling the pressure to win as much as possible this year and the attack is already short. However, Cooper is often injured. He is 31 years old He is a free agent from next season onwards. Whenever Miami maintains a victory, he is unlikely to be part of it. Every time I see Cooper, he has a great turn at bat, so I have a prejudice here. The team sees an average of .400 for the ball in play and considers the average of .321 to be unsustainable (Bell, Benintendi and Mancini may also be criticized). Miami would probably want to move Solar if he’s willing to absorb two years with Jesús Aguilar, a free agent after this season, or the remaining $ 24 million after this season (Sollar will be on Friday). Returned to Illinois). I think Cooper can hit good pitches and will ask the same Choi vs Benintendi question at Cooper vs Bell.

Garrett Cooper

4. CJ Cron, Rockies

The Rocky Mountains didn’t trade John Gray or Trevor Story on their walk last season, so it’s unlikely they’ll give up Cron with a reasonable $ 7.25 million debt next year. In particular, this organization tends to be isolated. Keep delusions with themselves about how close it is to winning. Cron has a dramatic homeload split. But his power is everywhere and he takes a good turn at bat.

5. Mitch Haniger, Mariners

Due to an ankle sprain, Haniger, who was injured this season, has barely played and is not ready yet. His swing has holes that can be exploited, but it’s real power. The playoffs are demonic because the lineup cannot include strikeout Albatross, but usually the team with the most home runs wins the series. Seattle hasn’t had a postseason since 2001, and if you’re a seller, you’ll have to wait up to 11 hours. It’s like the Angels And Rangers, a fellow of the AL West. But in Julio Rodriguez, Kyle Lewis, and Jarred Kelenic (if he still has a belief), the Mariners could be future outfielders, and Haniger is in the year of his walk.

Mets, Yankees can target these batters on MLB trading deadlines

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