Mets’ surprise gives Sandi Olderson the opportunity to rewrite the legacy

This all goes back to a fresh and new era — what was it two weeks ago? — Sandy Alderson described the new location in the Mets baseball hierarchy as team president: “I’m sitting at the table, but not at the top of the table.”

On Monday he had to change it a bit.

“I’ve come a little around the corner,” he jokingly said. “Maybe we can make a round table, and I’m the one who has an armed seat.”

Mets said that arrival at Steve Cohen’s ownership office could one day pass again with an approval rate of about 95% among those who buy comfort jerseys, game tickets and sandwiches from Mama’s of Corona. discovered. The rest of the baseball was intended to simply allow them to raid their executives without fighting.

This means that Alderson has a much greater stake in baseball decisions than he initially thought for at least a year, and instead of hiring a baseball manager to make the final decision, he decides on his decision. Means. For now, we’ll focus on the business of hiring GM. For now, it will be a helper for Alderson’s day-to-day hard work, and Alderson said he doesn’t care if it could one day be a mentor-protége relationship that could enhance him.

It also means that Mets’ top baseball job is free for a year, but this is also the time before Theo Epstein’s contractual commitment to the Cubs expires. Epstein said he didn’t want to go back to that rat race, and maybe he’s committed to it. I understand.

Sandy Alderson
Sandy AldersonAP

So far, Alderson has a real opportunity that few sports executives are given. An opportunity to fine-tune your heritage, and overall, to rewrite a recent chapter in outstanding baseball life.

It didn’t work for Alderson of Mets. He was the one who saw the wonder at Mickey Callaway. He was the one who triggered Yoenis Cespedes (although there were so many people who were 100% with him, despite what they are saying now). He was the one who saw the Mets fall back into the wreckage of the NL East from a series of playoff teams that played within three games of the title in 2015.

On the day he resigned in June 2018, a sad day interrupted by his revelation that the cancer had recurred, Alderson said on record and for everyone to see. I don’t know the benefits, whether returning is justified. “

It was hard to believe that he meant that. It’s more difficult now. Alderson, who said on Monday that he was in good health and was “not considered at all” by agreeing to bear the extra baseball burden, shot directly at the newly-departed owning group. Has never been. But when he appeared in the cozy zoom room on the first day of Cohen’s work, he certainly sounded like a man offered an amnesty.

That’s not all now. For at least a year, this has been the Mets team and Alderson’s fingerprints are visible throughout. Some of them, despite financial constraints, provided a well-drafted, healthy and professional everyday vision, thanks to the good work he did for the first time here.

All of Mets’ most intriguing homemade assets — Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeill, Michael Confort, Andres Jimenez, Amed Rosario, Dom Smith — were drafted or signed in Alderson’s first semester. I did. He did not draft Jacob DeGrom, but fast-forwarded him to flushing after a former shortstop showed a flash of his future brilliance. The RA Dickey-for-Travis d’Arnaud-and-Noah Syndergaard contract was one of the most one-sided in Mets history. And he has a ’15NL pennant in his resume.

He wasn’t the perfect GM. It’s easy to blame most of these bad decisions about the Wilpon administration’s financial handcuffs, but that doesn’t mean that everything went wrong. But he understood so many things correctly. Now he has the opportunity to leave one final farewell gift before handing the reins to the future architect of Mets.

It feels like the last chapter he deserves as a baseball guy. Suppose he understood the final chapter correctly.

Mets’ surprise gives Sandi Olderson the opportunity to rewrite the legacy

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