Mets owner Steve Cohen owns Bill Buckner Ball

It went through Buckner — and Steve Cohen owns it.

Ball Mookie Wilson struck between Bill Buckner’s feet to complete a wild comeback victory over the Mets’ Red Sox in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, showing it Wednesday night during an interview with the SNY. It belongs to Cohen.

Cohen, the new owner of Mets, said he would buy the ball at an auction for $ 410,000 a few years ago and display it at the Mets Museum.

“The ball won it for us,” Cohen said, reading an inscription from Wilson.

Cohen, a $ 14 billion hedge fund Maven who grew up in support of Mets on Long Island, has identified Tom Seaver as his favorite player and plans to revive Old-Timers Day, which Mets canceled in the 1990s. Shown.

On the baseball side, Cohen said finding a top executive to lead the front office was a bigger challenge than he had expected. Team President Sandy Olderson announced this week that he will shift his focus and look for a general manager to work with him instead of hiring a baseball manager.

“I’m a little surprised I couldn’t find someone in the front office,” Cohen told Steve Gelbus. “I thought it would be a little easier than before. Baseball is a bit weird in that you have to ask for permission, and for whatever reason we don’t get a lot of permission.

“We have Plan B and Sandy is performing baseball operations and looking for a general manager. You have to be flexible and I am very happy with Sandy in that role. “

Cohen also said Mets is “talking to everyone” to meet the needs of players through free agents. A list containing names such as JT Realmuto, George Springer, and Trevor Bauer.

“There are a lot of unknowns because it’s unpredictable whether players want to come and play for me or in another city,” Cohen said. “We’re talking to everyone who matters. Fans are all excited and hope that something will happen, but I’m not going to predict that. And as I’ve noticed in the front office, you can have all these great plans to do something, and if you don’t get it, or they play for you You must be able to pivot what happens if you don’t want to.

“You have to be flexible. The goal is to build a great team. We already have a great core, but there are holes. I don’t know if we can fill all the holes in the first year, but That can be a lot of questions, but I think we can make significant improvements so we can get closer to where we want to be. “

Mets owner Steve Cohen owns Bill Buckner Ball

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