Mets lining up managerial candidates to suit experienced molds

There are wildcards, then wildcards.

There are things to learn at work and things to learn at work.

If you think Buck Showalter should be Mets’ next coach, No arguments are received here. The 65-year-old boy forgot about baseball more than many others on the Major League Baseball lineup card knew. He has endured more secondary speculation and scrutiny than the late Franklin D. Roosevelt, who served four terms in a high-pressure gig like Buck.

However, if you look at the list of candidates compiled by Mets, you can see that most of them have some serious qualifications. None of them are ranked as ready-to-use entries that can crash and burn due to a complete lack of experience.

Sources confirmed on Mets’ interview list that Brad Ausmus, Joe Espada, Don Kelly, Matt Quatlarlo, and Shaw Alter talk about their coveted jobs and Mets’ regional sports network. Reported by SNY The interview process began on Monday.

On that list, the names other than Showalter that are most intriguing to me are Espada and Quatraro. Espada, as a coach for the Yankees and the Astros (and the Marlins), has fully witnessed the turmoil in baseball — Alex Rodriguez’s rise from the 2015 ash and his retirement in 2016, the rise of the Baby Bombers in 2017, 2019. Rob Manfred’s Specific 2020 Declaration on the Brand Toveman Case of the Year, ’17 Astros’ Illegal Sign Theft — Qualified as an Honorary Fan of the Mets. Puerto Rican natives made it very far in search of the owners of well-run clubs like the Giants and Cubs. He is worth serious consideration of even now-winning clubs like these Mets.

Matt Quatlarlo (left) and Joe Espada (right) are reportedly on the Mets manager’s interview list.
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Originally from the Albany region, Quatralo spent the previous four seasons with Rays coach staff and the last three seasons as Kevin Cash’s bench coach. So when Cash did one of the most memorable October pitching changes in recent memory, Blake Snell’s lifting in Game 6 of the 2020 World Series, he got into the front row seats. rice field. No, it didn’t make much sense and didn’t work. The same is true for Show Alter’s decision to keep Zack Britton in the bullpen when the 2016 American League Wild Card game is extended to additional innings. Good people explain their mistakes and learn from them, and Quatralo employers worship him.

If Kelly lacked similar street credit, he coached with Espada at the 2019 Astros and then at the Pirates being rebuilt in 2020 and 2021, he has a great reputation in the industry. I’m waiting. Ausmus is ranked as tricky. His 2014 Tigers were wiped out with the AL Division Series upset by the Orioles of Show Alter, and Detroit hasn’t entered the postseason ever since. He looked closely and canned it.

With another name similar to Espada, he sees a lot and knows Eppler. Phillies is Kevin Long, who has been grilled by reporters for over a decade, from Derek Jeter to Curtis Granderson to what is now Philly Bryce Harper. Since spending time with him in Washington, he has had a close relationship with his new Mets coach Max Scherzer.

The situation stopped playing, whether the Yankees hired Aaron Boone in 2017 to play and broadcast, or the Cardinals hired Mike Matheny in 2011. There are too many moving parts. Steve Cohen is looking to improve from the dangerous first season and Eppler is trying to establish a new team culture. Francisco Lindeau’s own cleanup from the rough first year at Queens. Jacob DeGrom’s Health. and so on. In retrospect, one of Luis Rojas’s biggest drawbacks was that he wasn’t fully exposed to the griddle and didn’t understand how to handle it.

Mets is firmly in place to emerge with the choice of good management. Even if you can’t be with a candidate you love, you may eventually love the candidate you are with.

Mets lining up managerial candidates to suit experienced molds

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