Mets dispose of Nats 7-3 on eve of Jacob deGrom’s return

WASHINGTON DC — If this was Juan Soto’s last game as a Washington National, like most of his other games in 2022, it ended in a loss.

The Mets defeated Soto and the Nuts 7-3 on Monday night, giving the Mets their seventh straight win and giving the Nationals an uncertain future. With a further twist of the knife, it was former National Max Scherzer up the Mets hill, cutting through most of the non-Soto hitters in Washington’s lineup like scissors through wrapping paper.

And as a reminder, Jacob deGrom is scheduled to follow Scherzer on Tuesday.

Scherzer went 6.2 innings against his old team, striking out 5 and allowing 3 runs, 2 of which were scored by Soto. For the second day in a row, the Mets won a game in which the starting pitcher didn’t quite look like themselves, but used a cocktail of Moxie and cunning to win.

On Sunday, Taijuan Walker candidly said he “didn’t like” his Miami outing. His team still won him 9-3. On Monday, the Nationals went up by one in the first inning and had four hits against Scherzer in the fourth, and the Mets won by four.

You can have one of the deepest lineups in all of Major League Baseball.

The Mets have homered at least six runs for the fifth time in their last seven games. If there’s one constant in today’s ever-changing world, it’s the Mets’ top of the order. Brandon Nimo, Sterling Marte, Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso occupy the top four spots in the team’s line-up throughout the season. Nimmo and Marte’s on-base skills allowed Lindor and Alonso to enjoy his RBI. That’s exactly what was on the Monday menu.

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Eight knocks came from that quartet, five runs were scored, and four extra-base hits. Lindall and Alonso each sent the ball into the Mets’ bullpen, with Lindall hitting his 18th home run this season and the Polar Bears hitting his 27th. , forcing the trainer to come out—he simply shook it off and went to first base.

Looking at the Nationals, it’s not only easy to see why they struggled this year, but it’s also easy to see how much Soto means to them. Realizing it could be his last time with the team, he cheered for Soto as soon as he came out to batting practice. After each at-bat, he seemed to turn up the volume as he stepped into the plate. All hope seemed lost in the bottom of the eighth when the Knots trailed him by four, organic chants of “We Want Soto” echoing from the bottom bowl of the stadium.

None of it even mentions the day he was on the plate.

Soto went 1-for-1 with a solo homer and three walks. On his third and final walk, the 23-year-old received a standing ovation. If he gets traded, let him know it’s the higher ups of the team who didn’t want him, not the people of Washington DC.

In less than three years, Scherzer, Soto and other highly talented players now on other teams helped Washington win an unlikely World Series title. That Game 7 celebration seems a lot farther away than it does now. If their hero ends up going elsewhere after the trade deadline, Washington, who really cares about his Nationals, has every reason to rage at the team’s front office.

Those days of bitterness and spite against the front office were reflected in the Mets’ rearview mirrors throughout the season. His 65-37 record, seven straight wins, and one of the best rosters in the league make that happen.

And again, Jacob deGrom will be back on Tuesday.

Mets dispose of Nats 7-3 on eve of Jacob deGrom’s return

Source link Mets dispose of Nats 7-3 on eve of Jacob deGrom’s return

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