Meta lobbying as Google, Amazon and Big Tech scrutinize

Last year, Google, Amazon, and Meta spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying Congress as technology giants were increasingly scrutinized by antitrust authorities and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

According to Filing, Google’s parent company Alphabet increased spending on lobbyists by 27.5% to $ 9.6 million last year.

Meta Platforms Inc., which operates Facebook and Instagram, has spent a record $ 20.1 million on lobbyists, and e-commerce retailer Amazon has spent about $ 20.3 million.

Both Meta and Amazon have increased lobbying spending by 7% compared to 2020.

Meanwhile, Apple spent less money lobbying Washington last year. Lobbying spending by iPhone makers from 2021 has risen from $ 6.7 million to $ 6.5 million.

All four companies have been criticized for using anti-competitive practices to strengthen their dominance.

Amazon spent a record amount of lobbying on Washington lawmakers last year.
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Microsoft, Recently announced that it will acquire Activision-Blizzard, a video game maker., Spent $ 10.2 million in lobbying in 2021. This is about the same amount as the previous year.

Prompted by the ghost of antitrust law targeting high-tech companies Alphabet boss Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook Personally reach out to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and vote against online law of innovation and choice in the United States.

Cook and Pichai argued that the bill would undermine American tech companies and favor foreign competitors like China.

Their efforts were unsuccessful as the Commission resolved to advance legislation targeting the largest companies based on market valuations and user bases.

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Facebook’s parent company, Meta, spent a record $ 20.1 million last year, documents say.
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Google asked a federal judge in New York on Friday Abandoning most of what it claimed was an “inaccurate and inflammatory” rust prevention lawsuit filed by Texas and 14 other states over the online advertising practices of tech giants.

In a Texas lawsuit first filed in December 2020 and subsequently updated twice, Google alleged that it had illegally armed its competitors from the online advertising market and made a closed-door transaction with Mark Zuckerberg. increase. Meta Facebook to gain an edge in online advertising auctions..

Earlier this month, the judge Federal Trade Commission pursuing antitrust proceedings against MetaHas been accused of monopolizing social media.

Meta lobbying as Google, Amazon and Big Tech scrutinize

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