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Mehmet Oz warns Jon Fetterman ‘out of touch’ over drugs on Mexican border

Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz said Tuesday night that Democrat John Fetterman’s views on border security and immigration spell disaster.

In the first debate showdown in their fight for a free seat in Pennsylvania, Oz backed Fetterman’s “open borders” policy, which continues to increase the flow of fentanyl into the country and destroy life throughout Pennsylvania. said to do.

“But John Fetterman not only wants open borders, he supports sanctuary cities, he wants to legalize all hard drugs in America, including opiates,” Oz said. said. “It hasn’t been in touch with anyone.”

Fetterman accused Oz of lying about his record on drugs, even though Oz said in a past interview that he supported “total decriminalization.”

Asked by moderators to address Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent allegations that the U.S.-Mexico border is safe, Fetterman said his immigration approach aims to strike a balance between border security and compassion. He said that

“I think our immigration needs a comprehensive, bipartisan solution,” he said.

“I don’t recall at the Statue of Liberty they said, ‘Put the tired, huddled masses on buses and use cheap political stunts.'” .

Mr. Oz countered, and Mr. Fetterman said, “I’m not talking about fentanyl, the elephant in the room,” but the debate moderator shifted the subject. Mehmet Oz warns Jon Fetterman ‘out of touch’ over drugs on Mexican border

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