Meghan Markle makes a surprise TV appearance to honor the COVID hero

Megan Markle made a surprise appearance on CNN’s annual Heroes TV Special Sunday in honor of those who made a difference in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s universally challenging for everyone,” said the Duchess of Sussex, thanking him last year for “getting up and making sure that the most basic needs of our community are met.” I did.

A 39-year-old woman added, “I have confirmed that the people around me do not have to suffer in isolation.”

Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, announced earlier this year that they had abandoned their role as “advanced” royal family and moved to California while deadly bugs spread around the world.

The couple volunteers at several charities in the Los Angeles area. CNN reported in April that it delivered food to urban residents through Project Angel Food, a program to feed chronic diseases.

They recently distributed supplies to poor students at Baby2Baby, and according to the network, the Duke of Sussex was found volunteering at the Walker Family Event Foundation, which supports veterans and their families.

“In the face of this devastating reality, we … saw the power of the human psyche and the amazing ways the community responded in difficult times,” the Duchess told CNN.

“We saw people, neighbors, and the entire community come together and say they wouldn’t wait while their neighbors were hungry,” she continued.

“We saw the community stand up and take action. When the children’s lunch program stopped, we told our neighbors that they were receiving the nutrition they needed. I saw confirmation, and when immunocompromised or the most vulnerable people couldn’t leave the house, we appeared as a community to bring the food we needed to the front door. “Markle said.

“We know the value of food as a source of life, as nutrition. At the moment of crisis, the warmth of the diet is coveted, especially in the absence of human contact due to social distance. It can feel as comfortable as a hug. We are all experiencing. These moments reminded as many people as they were caring for, “she added. ..

Meghan Markle makes a surprise TV appearance to honor the COVID hero

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