Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie love her book “Bench”

Prince Harry and Megan’s son are already true bookworms.

Children’s book of the Duchess of Sussex, bench, Right now At the top of New York Times Bestseller list, And it’s also a big hit with her family at home. Interview with Megan Markle on NPR Weekend Edition On Sunday, the Duchess said Archie, her son with a relationship with Prince Harry Influential in books and already a big fan bench..

In the interview, Megan, Archie benchIncludes an image of a military dad returning home, with a bench in the background and popsicles on the ground. “I knew my son would be aware of all these factors, and he loves it … he loves books.”

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I already love Archie bench.. Duke of Sussex / @ SaveChildrenUK via Getty Images

Prince Harry and the son of Megan As Megan said, it’s already a pretty small bookworm. And always, when we read him a book, he said, “again, again, again.” “She added. bench, And we can say, “Mom wrote this for you,” we feel great. ”

Duchess of Megan dedicated a book To Prince Harry Archie; she wrote, “For men and boys who pump my heart.” During an interview with NPR, the Duchess also shared what she gave to Prince Harry. First father’s day After the birth of Archie. Megan presented Prince Harry with a bench. On the bench was a poem engraved on the plaque on his back. Poetry and benches helped inspire the book. “I just wanted something sentimental and a place he would have as a little home base with our son,” Megan said.


Birth Megan The couple’s second child, daughter Lirivet DianaOn June 4, she also revealed that she left a small Easter egg throughout. bench, including A lovely nod to Princess Diana.. “Once people start digging, I think we can find the sweet little moments we pushed into it,” “My husband’s mom’s favorite flower, forget-me-not.”And although baby Lili hasn’t been born yet When Megan wrote the book, Duchess of Megan Be sure to include her daughter in benchThe illustrations on the last two pages are images that look like Sussexes for a family of four in the backyard. Their Montecito house..

Megan Markle's son Archie already loves the

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie love her book “Bench”

Source link Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie love her book “Bench”

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