McDonald’s suffered a data breach

McDonald’s said Friday that data breaches in South Korea and Taiwan have leaked some customer and employee information, making it the latest global company targeted by cybercriminals.

The attacker accessed the email, phone number, and shipping address, but the customer’s payment information was not included in the breach.

Details of the breach in the two regions were the result of an investigation by an external consultant following fraudulent activity on the company’s network.

In a statement, McDonald’s said, “We were able to block access immediately after identification, but investigations revealed that we had access to a small number of files, some of which contained personal data.

The world’s largest hamburger chain said it would take steps to notify regulators and customers listed in the file.

Recent infringement by cybercriminals at global companies such as hospitals and meat processors JBS and oil transport company Colonial Pipeline Interfered with business There are concerns about supply shortages for hours.

Employees serving customers at McDonald's in South Korea
McDonald’s said data breaches (pictured) affecting business in Taiwan and South Korea were discovered after malicious activity was detected on the network.
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Several companies Had to pay the ransom Take control of management and resume production. McDonald’s said it had no impact on day-to-day operations and did not include a ransom.

The company said it would use the results of the investigation to identify ways to improve its security measures.

McDonald’s suffered a data breach

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