Mazda No. 1 in Consumer Reports 2020 Automotive Reliability Survey

Detroit (AP)-Mazda defeated traditional winners Lexus and Toyota to win the highest honor as the most trusted car brand in Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey.

Ford and its Lincoln luxury brands failed to investigate, and Lincoln was the last of the 26 brands after introducing a new SUV. Electric car maker Tesla was second from the bottom, with reliability issues in three of the four models.

This year, Mazda received the highest honor for the first time in a survey involving members of the Consumer Reports organization, which owns more than 300,000 vehicles in the 2000-2020 model year.

Jake Fisher, senior director of automated testing for magazines and websites, said Japanese car brands have benefited from a minimal and capital shortage to continuously deliver new multi-speed transmissions and infotainment gadgets. I am.

“Often new technologies cause problems for us,” Fisher said. “I’m a little conservative when it comes to new technologies.”

According to Fisher, some Mazdas don’t have touchscreens, which often causes problems in their investigations. The company still uses 6-speed automatic transmissions, but other transmissions are more efficient, but are moving to continuously variable transmissions and 9- and 10-speed transmissions, which are prone to glitches, he said. Stated. Still, the company’s cars and SUVs are fun to drive, Fisher said.

After Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, Buick and Honda finish the top five brands. Following Lincoln and Tesla, Volkswagen, Mini and Ford were the five lowest-scoring brands.

According to Fisher, the high-scoring Buick usually jumped two spots after canceling two unreliable cars (Regal and Regal TourX).

Redesigned for the 2020 model, the Ford Explorer SUV is one of the lowest-scoring models among manufacturers with transmission, electronics and engine issues, according to Consumer Reports. According to the magazine, the redesigned Ford Escape was also substandard.

Ford’s Lincoln luxury brand shares a foundation with Ford, so it fell to the last place after abolishing two credible sedans, Continental and MKZ, Consumer Reports said.

According to Fisher, Tesla has problems with its newly introduced Model Y SUV, and many owners have reported problems with body panel misalignment and paint mismatches. One owner reported that his hair was clogged with paint, he said. Only the company’s Model 3 compact cars are reliable and recommended by Consumer Reports. “It’s amazing with all of Tesla’s technologies, it’s a fundamental problem they seem to struggle with,” Fisher said.

Last year, dozens of new models appeared, and brand changes occurred. According to Consumer Reports, nearly half of the new models are far less reliable than average.

Many buyers check the rankings of magazines and websites before making a purchase.

The 2020 rankings were announced Thursday at an online conference of the Detroit Auto Press Association.

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Mazda No. 1 in Consumer Reports 2020 Automotive Reliability Survey

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