Mayor De Blasio is on fire as New York City public schools return to full distance education – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — A public school in New York City was closed on Thursday after a second wave of COVID-19 struck the city, forcing students to return to distance learning.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he and the Ministry of Education are working on new standards for reopening schools, but parents are frustrated by the decision to close.

Even in these topsy-filled pandemic eras, it was an amazing hospitalization. The mayor has closed schools without Plan B on how to reopen. Marcia Kramer of CBS2 left him blank.

“If you knew that opening a school could reach a second wave and 3%, why didn’t you plan to figure out why you’re coming back?” Kramer said. I asked the mayor.

“Marcia, that was a lot of different parts we had to explain. What was our focus? Our focus was on setting up and running a school. I did, “said De Blasio.

And there was also this alibi for confused parents, teachers and students:

“Until we get there, it can be difficult to imagine the next step,” said De Blasio.

Other elected officials were furious that there was no Plan B to resume and no plan to ensure that students had the tools they needed for distance learning.

“It’s not leadership. It’s chaos. We’re in turmoil,” said public advocate Jumani Williams.

“This is all a terrible failure of the mayor,” added councilor Mark Trayer, chair of the school board.

Parents insist on the decision to close the school, but businesses like spas and restaurants don’t make sense. De Blasio has shown that it is only a matter of time before they close.

John Diaz of CBS2 reported that parents of public schools and their children held a rally outside the city hall on Thursday calling for the resumption of face-to-face lessons.

“You have to stay on the screen for a long time and it’s fun to see people in action,” said 8-year-old Hannah Tenordonome, who doesn’t want to go back to distance learning.

School closures occur after the city’s weekly infection rate exceeds 3% due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

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“If people can eat in restaurants and people can exercise in the gym, children should be able to go to school,” said parent Robin Sailing.

“Our most vulnerable children need to open a school in their American dreams to get a fight, a chance to fight,” another said.

The closure came into effect on Thursday morning, affecting more than 1,700 public schools.

To resume in the first place, the mayor and teachers’ union agreed to close the school during the summer when the infection rate reached the 3% threshold. School infection rates are well below 1%, but there seems to be no room for negotiation.

“Announced by the city’s doctors and confirmed by the doctors we worked with, that was the right number,” said the Michael Marguerite Union Teachers’ Federation on Wednesday.

Coronavirus pandemic

The rally on Thursday was hosted by Daniela Jumpel, who handed the city hall a petition signed by more than 12,000 families. This group wants De Blasio to rethink its 3% infection rate approach.

“It’s completely outdated. We now have a much better understanding of what schools look like, and science shows that schools are safe,” Jumpel said.

According to Jumpel, his parents were never seated at the table when the decision was made.

“The mayor [opening schools].. Currently, closing schools is a big setback. It’s a big blow to the city, “she said.

On Thursday, the mayor said the city would come up with new standards within a few days.

Please see the press conference of Mayor De Blasio.

“We are looking for everything that can contribute to making it safer in an increasingly aggressive atmosphere around us,” said De Blasio. “Pausing. Resetting the equation.”

The mayor faced tough questions about Thursday’s closure CBS this morning..

“We were at the epicenter of this crisis, so everyone knows it. We needed to revive the school in the fall and show parents and staff that it was safe,” De Blasio said. Mr. says.

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De Blasio was asked about thousands of students who do not yet have basic tools such as iPad for remote learning.

“We have provided a free iPad to all children in New York City,” said the mayor.

“Your prime minister said yesterday that he doesn’t have an iPad for 60,000 children,” said Tony Dokpil of CBS.

“It’s really simple and really clear. Every kid in New York City needs one and can get a free iPad. If you don’t have one now, you’ll get one right away,” said the mayor. Answered.

Public schools are closed, at least on Thanksgiving holiday weekends. The Catholic School in New York City remains open because it operates independently.

Mayor De Blasio is on fire as New York City public schools return to full distance education – CBS New York

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