Mayor Baraka says Newark’s coronavirus positive rate is even worse in certain areas – CBS New York

Newark, NJ (CBSNewYork) — The city of Newark has set more limits to combat the 19% coronavirus positive rate surge.

Mayor Las Baraka said the surge in COVID-19-positive cases was 101 a day a few weeks ago. Since then, the rate has doubled.

“Currently, there are up to 220 or more positive cases per day,” says Baraka.

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Talking to the city’s emergency operations center on Thursday, the mayor and Newark’s health department said the city-wide test positive rate was about 19%, but in the eastern district it could be as high as 35%.

“So, in just 30 days, we’ve quadrupled the number of people who tested positive in just October,” said Dr. Mark Wade. “The main driving force is family expansion.”

City agencies issued a curfew on Thursday and planned to summon people who passed the curfew with several zip codes. Companies can be closed for up to a month due to repeated violations.

“We go to the store. People are there without masks. People are serving food. If they are behind the counter without masks, we are closing the place. We did it in April and we’re going to do it again now, “Baraka said.

Coronavirus pandemic

Currently, curfew for certain zip codes and sports and business rules are becoming stricter.

The curfew is 9 pm on weekdays and 10 pm on weekends with three high-infection zip codes.

Police will first issue a warning to do this and then summon it.

Indoor rallies must be no more than 10 people, excluding religious service and political activity, and sports will be canceled for at least the next two weeks.

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Restaurants and bars throughout the city are required to close their indoor dining by 8 pm, two hours earlier than the entire state. However, Baraka said, “then obviously we can deliver and pick up.”

“We close you at 8 o’clock, are you angry because you close you 2 hours more than the governor at 10? I think it’s selfish. I think it’s selfish in my head. “Baraka added.

Meanwhile, across New Jersey, “everything is going in the wrong direction,” said Governor Phil Murphy.

The governor said the cold weather was pushing people indoors and was due to COVID fatigue. On Thursday morning, he explained why the restaurant was closed at 10 pm throughout the state.

“Too often, restaurants were effectively changing from clubs to lounges, rather than by name, as the night went on. People were less alert, especially in and around the bar. Many bartenders have tested positive for COVID and are back, “Murphy said.

Baraka said Newark really should and might be more restrictive, but elected officials throughout the state also take serious concerns about the financial and mental health of their population. Said.

“This is not a game. This is your life. This is what you have to worry about, your community. You have to worry about the health of others,” said resident Sean Wilson. It was.

“People do it for everything else. They make it for politics. Some people make it for race. They make it for religious practices and freedom and freedom. It’s about health and data. That’s it, “Baraka said.

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Mayor Baraka says Newark’s coronavirus positive rate is even worse in certain areas – CBS New York

Source link Mayor Baraka says Newark’s coronavirus positive rate is even worse in certain areas – CBS New York

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