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Mayor Adams will kick a car from Broadway near a taxi accident

Mayor Adams announced on Thursday plans to redesign Broadway stretches where taxi drivers jumped over curbs and sparked. Horrible crash It took the foot of Ohio tourists.

For immediate changes, the crash occurred on W.27th and W.29thSts. Includes restricting most car traffic daily from 8am to 11pm on Broadway between. The shift will take effect by the end of the month and expand the existing area covered by the city’s “Open Street” program, which restricts vehicle traffic between Broadway’s W.25th and W.27th Sts.

Transport Ministry officials also suggested that the Broadway block be permanently turned between West 25th and West 27th Streets. Enter the Pedestrian Square where the car can’t drive at all — and also give space to pedestrians from the driver two blocks north. These changes are not robust and city officials said they would be reviewed by members of the Manhattan Community Board 5.

“A car accident can be prevented. If the toolbox already has tools to prevent it, we will do our best to prevent the next crash,” Adams said in a statement.

The announcement will be made three days after the horrific crash. According to police and witnesses, the taxi driver turned left from West 29-chome to Broadway, hitting and dragging the cyclist, jumping over the curb and fixing the two women to the outer wall of the bagel shop.

The video shows a group of 15-20 bystanders trying to lift a taxi from a woman.One of them — Miesha Wallace, 48, — severely injured her. I had to amputate my leg.. Wallace was visiting from Columbus, Ohio and was planning to return home the day after the crash.

The changes proposed to Broadway are part of a larger initiative prior to the crash to overhaul the street between Union Square and Columbus Circle. Transport Commissioner Idanis Rodriguez said at a press conference on Tuesday: Driver needs to slow down To prevent more deadly collisions — but refused to point out a redesign of the street where the taxi jumped over the curb.

Proponents of street safety have called for a permanent car ban on most of Manhattan’s Broadway all week long, but on Thursday admitted that a small move was positive.

Danny Harris, Executive Director of the Advocacy Group’s Transportation Alternative, said: “We continue to focus on achieving a car-free Broadway and look forward to working with government, business and community partners to achieve this.”

Mayor Adams will kick a car from Broadway near a taxi accident

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