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Mayor Adams signs lithium-ion battery safety bill after latest deadly fire

new york – Mayor Eric Adams signed the package of lithium ion battery Safe bills on Monday as fires caused by these batteries are on the rise.

Just this weekend there was a deadly lithium battery fire.

On Monday morning, Adams put the final stamp of approval on five new bills aimed at preventing fires caused by lithium-ion batteries.

“This plan is working to design a safe environment access program that will help New Yorkers transition from illegal mopeds and uncertified bicycles to safe, legal devices,” Adams said. I’m here.

In the legislative package passed by city ​​council Earlier this month, bills were introduced to ban the sale of unregulated lithium-ion batteries in all five boroughs and require the FDNY to educate New Yorkers about the dangers.

“We also intend to lead the country by favoring options such as battery replacement and charging stations for delivery workers,” Adams said.

Just Saturday in the Bronx, Man in his 60s dies in fire Around 4pm along Olinville Avenue. FDNY said the fire was caused by a lithium-ion battery.

Also, earlier this month in the Bronx, A fire broke out in a supermarket Along the Grand Concourse after an e-bike explodes.

“That fire is just one example of the fire safety challenges posed by these batteries,” said City Councilman Oswald Ferris. must be verified.”

Last year, FDNY investigated 220 fires caused by lithium-ion batteries. The fire resulted in 147 injuries and 6 deaths.

Another bill signed into law requires all electric bicycles sold in New York City to have a special seal of approval, UL, from Underwriter Laboratories, a company that tests consumer products for fire safety.

“It only costs 10 cents to get a device UL certified. It’s all we can do to keep everyone in our city safe,” said FDNY Commissioner Laura Cabana.

“The way this law works is by requiring certification for e-bikes,” said Dr. Rob Slone of UL Solutions. “Not just the battery, but also the charging system, the mechanical integrity of the bike and the design.”

According to FDNY, these batteries have caused more than 400 fires in the city over the past four years. Many hope this new law will work to prevent that number from rising.

“It didn’t get a lot of attention a few years ago, but it’s already the third highest, and it’s skyrocketing. If it continues, it’s probably going to be the biggest cause of structural fires,” said the former FDNY. Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. told CBS2 political reporter Marsha Kramer on “The Point.” “These fires will continue, injuries will continue and, unfortunately, more deaths will follow as governments tighten restrictions.”

On Sunday, FDNY tweeted PSA encouraging New Yorkers to always follow battery charging and storage instructions. Mayor Adams signs lithium-ion battery safety bill after latest deadly fire

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