Maybe it’s time for Sam Darnold to “go ahead” from Jets: Mark Sanchez

No one understands what Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is experiencing like Mark Sanchez.

While talking about the latest episode of The Post’s “Gang’s All Here” podcast, the former franchise quarterback recalled his first year in the league and the pressure he faced as a young player in New York. Sanchez, who played for Jets from 2009 to 2013, said it was related to what Darnold must be experiencing now.

“Some of that is that there’s nothing in their favor so far, right?” Sanchez said. “It’s not a real veteran group, it’s not the ones you’ve played with for a long time, and it’s not just a star-studded cast who can understand it or use their talents to make plays. So it’s a triple threat in the wrong direction.

“… there are so many uncertainties that it is almost impossible for a quarterback to succeed in all these situations. I feel him.”

Sanchez, 34, said Darnold was a rival and thought itching to play since his shoulder injury this season, but noted that the 23-year-old QB had to make a difficult decision.

“For the way things happened, he has to make some serious decisions about the life of his career and whether it’s worth playing the rest of the year,” he said. .. “If it’s in his best interests. If this season is at a loss, it looks like it’s already. They don’t look back and run the playoffs. Now you think your competitors think Go into these difficult decisions as you are, “Man, maybe my time is here, and it’s okay. Maybe it’s best for both sides to move on.”

Mark Sanchez, Sam Darnold
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Sanchez has signed a $ 50 million contract over five years, looking back at the $ 28 million guaranteed rookie season and admitting that things are a little different from Darnold. Jets was 9-7 in the first year of Sanchez and 11-5 in the next season.

He said he was confident that a winning quarterback would be much easier than Darnold, who was 11-21 in the first three NFL seasons so far.

“Is he 24? 23? You sign this huge deal like I do, and you are now expected overnight – I was 21, 22 at the time – somehow And after signing this $ 50 million deal with Jet as their franchise quarterback, you’re expected just overnight to fast forward in the future and have the discernment and wisdom of a 65-year-old Supreme Court judge. And that’s not the way it works, “Sanchez said.

“In my opinion, and obviously I have a prejudice. He’s a USC guy and a So-Cal guy. I think he’s a great player. He’s a franchise player. He’s you. I think he’s investing … he just couldn’t do it there. “

Maybe it’s time for Sam Darnold to “go ahead” from Jets: Mark Sanchez

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