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Max Rose facing long odds in the redrawn District 11

The revised New York State Repartition Line has reached the flowering of Rose.

In fact, experts say that few politicians have embraced it in their chin more strongly than Democrat Max Rose. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report states that former Staten Island lawmakers have a “small path” to victory.

Rose aims to regain old seats in the city’s 11th district, covering all of Staten Island, as well as conservative pockets in South Brooklyn like Bensonhurst and Dyker Heights.

However, when he first entered the race in December 2021, his outlook was much brighter as democratic gerrymandering created a district containing a very liberal Park Slope section in Brooklyn.

The map was thrown out by a special master appointed by the court. The person who rewrote the district Close to the original line.

“This district was undeveloped,” said long-time democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf. “The original line was created to make it impossible for the Republicans to win by adding most of the gentrified Brooklyn.”

“He didn’t sound like the guy running on the 11th,” said a person near Rose.
JC rice

According to its creator, Special Master Jonathan Selbus, the district is officially competitive, but other analysts have come to different conclusions.

“Democratic Max Rose said [Republican Nicole] Mario Takis increased by 6 points in 2020, but his comeback outlook has always been based on the boundaries of the more favorable districts.They didn’t happen Cook said in an analysis Tuesday that the district is now a “solid Republican.”

Rose’s campaign has become eerily quiet. Other police officers in the city competed to blame the new map and announce their intention to run in other seats, but he didn’t offer anything.

“He didn’t sound like the guy running on the 11th,” said a person near Rose who spoke to him after the new district fell. “It’s a difficult road. This year won’t be a great year for the Democrats. It’s going to be a tough situation in the new district, but now the district is a real challenge and he knows it.”

Rose is said to have "Small road" To victory.
Rose is said to have a “small path” to victory in the district.
Staten Island Advance

People near Rose are pressing him to enter freely for the fall in the adjacent 10th district. This is a marquee race that includes the former. Mayor Bill de Blasio And the person in charge. Mondea Jones..

Born in Brooklyn, Rose had already been campaigning there for months, hoping that Brooklyn would be part of his first 11 days. A poll at PIX11 / Emerson College Polling / The Hill on Thursday found that the race was widespread. 77% of voters are undecided About who to support.

Rose needs to make a final decision until Tuesday. He did not immediately return a request for comment.

Max Rose facing long odds in the redrawn District 11

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