Matt Barzal’s Antic puts an unrecognized islander in a bad place

The man wearing white could not be recognized. They wore the Islanders logo on their chests, but now those uniforms must have been purchased at the costume store that runs the Buy One, Get20 sale.

This Monday night in Tampa, the islanders were scammers, unable to compete in any aspect of the game, and overrun in all three zones by Lightning. 8-0 game 5 defeat It stands as the most biased in the history of the franchise playoffs, leaving the endangered club entering Game 6 at the Coliseum on Wednesday.

“It was one of the nights when we couldn’t do anything right,” said head coach Barry Trottz following the blunder. “If this result doesn’t motivate us, I don’t know what will happen. We just have to raise people.”

But it may be even worse than that, as it may be difficult to handle. The effect of this driving is not necessarily carried over to Wednesday under normal circumstances, but the islanders have to wait for a decision from the Player Safety Agency regarding the availability of the team’s first potential exclusion game, the 2021 Matt Balzal. Must be. ..

And, not to mention the fateful crisis, no soul in the world wants to be at the mercy of the decision-making process of Vice President George Paros and his group of consultants under any circumstances.

But that’s where the islanders are standing. There, Barzal lost his composure in the buzzer of the second period following the gift of power play, and cross-checked Jan Lutta on the ice, committing a big penalty and cheating on the game, bringing the team. Head after No. 13 first responded to their engagement with a cross check to the defense’s left shoulder.

Barzal was furious and, for a moment, tried to get out of lineman’s grasp of Keel Murchison. Kiel Murchison grabbed him in a hurry when the player hurriedly grabbed him shortly after the incident. Lutta stopped for a while with a Tampa Bay trainer in attendance as his play was reviewed before he stood as a major. The defense didn’t return to the match, but who would have been surprised if it was John Cooper’s tactics affecting the NHL?

Mat Barzal provides Jan Rutta with a cross-check in Game 5.
Mat Barzal provides Jan Rutta with a cross-check in Game 5.

The league’s discipline system is not only broken, but arbitrary. When Barzal is interrupted from this kind of confrontational play, it is a tragedy and often does not draw anything other than a minor, if not a double minor. If you’ve seen a villain escape through a tournament, sometimes nothing. But there is no sure way to know.

And even if Barzal is uninterrupted, the islanders’ most dynamic players are defensive to put themselves and his team at such risk, restless as we all ponder. there is no The whims of the NHL judicial system.

“I was disappointed because it didn’t work. He dug a little deeper for everyone,” Trotz said. “The biggest concern you have as a coach when you do that is that you lose another guy because the guy has to block the shot and they are fighting through it. ..

“Oh yeah, I’m disappointed with his decision there.”

Barzal is the same as the islanders did not participate in the forecheck in this humiliation, were beaten in some of the battles they could create, abandoned the strange rush wave and had problems with them. He made his own breakout with little protection against his actions, allowed one each in games 3 and 4, and then gave Lightning four power plays in the second period.

It was 1-0 after 45 seconds and 3-0 by the end of the first period when the islanders allowed 8, 7, 6 and 8 respectively in games 1 to 4 and then abandoned eight high-risk chances. was. Ilya Sorokin saved Semyon Varlamov 6-0 by the end of the second after the starter scored three goals with 16 shots at 15:27. Returning to the start of the third period of Game 4, Tampa Bay is 10-0 ahead of the Islanders.

This was as terrible as it would get. It can get worse, except that it can be absurd as it is. Mr. Trotz said he was unaware of the communication between the league and the organization regarding supplementary discipline, but that proves nothing.

So now the islanders are waiting for Paros while preparing for the biggest game of their 2021 life.

That’s not what you want.

Matt Barzal’s Antic puts an unrecognized islander in a bad place

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