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Massive Internet Outage: FedEx, Delta, McDonald Down

Due to the internet turmoil on Thursday, websites of various major companies, from FedEx and Delta Airlines to HSBC and McDonald’s, were temporarily removed.

The outage occurred at the same time as reports of system outages from two major providers of Internet infrastructure services, Akamai and Oracle.

However, it is unclear if the Akamai and Oracle issues are related to website interruptions.

Oracle said Thursday afternoon that the outage was the result of Akamai’s service interruption.

“We are monitoring global issues related to partner Edge DNS affecting access to many Internet resources, including Oracle’s cloud properties,” said Oracle.

Akamai’s Edge DNS service helps route your web browser to the correct destination and also provides security services.

At around 12:50 pm, Akamai said, “We have implemented a fix for this issue. Based on our current observations, the service is back in normal operation. To ensure that the impact is completely mitigated. Will continue to monitor. “

Affected websites included Fidelity, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s document search site, Airbnb, and British Airways. Most sites were restored and up and running within an hour of the outage.

Massive Internet Outage: FedEx, Delta, McDonald Down

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