Mass shootings at Peck Park in Los Angeles

Police and other paramedics have responded to reports of active shootings at Peck Park in Los Angeles, according to local officials and witnesses. Very few details are currently available.

The incident began on Sunday at 3:51 pm when police officers were asked for an active shooter in the park. It is believed that multiple shooters may have been involved, and the first signs indicate that it is related to the gang.

Early reports showed that at least five, and in some cases more, were shot dead. Multiple victims were seriously injured and no reports of deaths have been confirmed.

Brian Humphrey, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department, said shootings were heard at or near a car show at Peck Park. “The situation, the total number of patients, and the exact nature of their injuries have not yet been identified,” he said.

Numerous emergency services were called while police officers were working to secure the scene. “The entire park is a crime scene,” said the dispatcher.

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Mass shootings at Peck Park in Los Angeles

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