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Mass exodus begins as residents evacuate tri-state area over Memorial Day weekend

ridgefield, new jersey — Millions of people travel the region Memorial Day Weekend.

The roads and highways in the Tri-State area were heavily congested as drivers headed to their destinations.

CBS2 spoke to people on the streets and at the airport on Friday night.

Unofficially, the beginning of summer has arrived, and Vietnam veteran Delores Hampton makes it his job to fly in to spend time with his sister.

“I’m just grateful to be here and grateful to see you when I can,” said Hampton, who lives in Atlanta.

in the midst of the crowd Newark Liberty Airport, the plane was taking off and landing steadily. Air travel across the United States this weekend will be one of the busiest in years, carrying about 3.4 million passengers in a post-pandemic record. A couple from Nebraska came in at the last minute and still made it here without any problems.

“I think I got to the airport 30 minutes before the plane took off, so I got through security and had no problems from Omaha,” said Mark Fabion.

Outside the tires were hitting the pavement. Al Williams didn’t see much traffic leaving New Hampshire. He stopped by Vince Lombardi Services his area to load up on refreshments.

“I’m about to go to Virginia to pick up my wife and then to Charlotte, Virginia for our Memorial Day wedding,” said Williams, who is from Springfield, Massachusetts.

An estimated 37 million people will be driving this weekend, but some haven’t been so lucky.

“It’s always driving me crazy to get out of town this weekend,” said Erin Waring, a Bronx resident.

Luisa Ceballos of Connecticut added: “It was a terrible situation. There was a lot of traffic.”

Ceballos and his daughter’s soccer team were heading to a tournament in Philadelphia.

“Everyone was ready, ready, singing throughout the ride,” Ceballos said.

Those heading to Montauk for the weekend were crammed onto Long Island Railroad trains. Additional trains have been added to the schedule to accommodate holiday travel and beach traffic.

MTA Catherine Rinaldi said: “It’s a great way to get out east. No need to get stuck in traffic. Have a great drive all weekend, have a great weekend.”

Drivers said they were trying to plan for the traffic on their way home.

Law enforcement remains on high alert until Tuesday, even though so many people are out of town. Police officers look out for disabled drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Mass exodus begins as residents evacuate tri-state area over Memorial Day weekend

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