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Mario Takis and Rose face rematch on Staten Island

Rep. Nicole Mariotakis believes she will win re-election by a bigger margin than she did the last time she ran against Max Rose two years ago, aided by right-leaning Democrats in New York City’s only swinghouse district.

“A Democrat came to me saying that this is the first time he’s ever voted Republican,” Mario Takis told NY1, adding of District 11: “

What you need to know

  • Incumbent Republican Mario Takis has the upper hand thanks to midterm precedent and reorganized districts
  • But Democrat Rose is widely known throughout the district for representing it before her
  • Rose tries to make abortion rights fight key to race
  • Mariotakis said voters told her they were most worried about inflation and crime

Between the midterm election precedent and redrawing district boundaries, the odds are in favor of the Republicans.

“Oh yeah?” challenged Rose. “I’m not worried about them in the slightest, okay? We’re building an incredible campaign.”

One of the Democrats’ advantages is that they are widely recognized in Staten Island and south Brooklyn, where they served as districts before Mario Takis.

“Can I give you a hug?” a passerby asked him on the North Shore.

And is widely recognized as a military veteran.

“Go Navy. Go Navy,” the shopper chided Rose.

“Oh, come on! Go, Army!” replied the combat veteran with a smile.

Rose advertised his independence from the party on NY1.

“I hope there will come a time in the near future when Biden is not running and Trump is not running,” he said. “We need a new generation of leadership.”

Mario Takis once again has the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

“When you compare the records of President Biden and President Trump, people want the economy, the gas prices, the border security that we had,” she said. Are you worried about matching yourself with him?

A sitting lawmaker who has visited the U.S.-Mexico border said he was hearing from voters that inflation and crime were their top concerns.

“People don’t feel safe in New York City because of radical bail laws, rhetoric by some left-wing politicians, and a lack of support for law enforcement,” she said.

Rose is also critical of state bail reform laws and has been called a hero for law enforcement officers. But he, like other Democrats in battlegrounds, is trying to draw attention to the fight for abortion rights.

“And we’re seeing abortion banned in the states at this very moment, and Republicans pushing for a nationwide abortion ban as one of the pillars of their policy agenda. The problem.

Malliotakis explained his position to NY1 this way.

“We want to make sure women’s rights to have exceptions, such as exceptions to the life of their mothers, rape and incest,” she said.

Asked by NY1 if he supported the restrictions, Rose said such questions fell into the hands of “national extremist Republicans.” Rose believes the decision is made entirely between the woman and the doctor.

Whereas Rose is a tireless campaigner, Mario Takis has a very dedicated base.

“Are you signed up or what are you doing?” she asked one volunteer.

“Everything,” he replied. “Whatever you need.”–rose-locked-in-a-rematch-on-staten-island Mario Takis and Rose face rematch on Staten Island

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