Maricopa County launches “Just The Facts” website to combat Trump’s stolen election claims

Maricopa County, Arizona published JustTheFacts.Vote on Friday Website This seeks to dispel misunderstandings about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and reveals unproven stolen election claims that former President Trump and his allies have beaten since voters packed him. I’m trying to.

The website goes ahead of Trump’s appearance at the Turning Point Action “Protect Our Elections” rally in Phoenix on Saturday.

“The claim that Maricopa County is not cooperating with Senate contractors assumes that it is in the best interests of the county and its voters to partner with unqualified contractors involved in the’stop theft’movement.” “There is,” Maricopa County posted on Twitter Feed. “This is not the case.”

A Republican-controlled oversight committee clashed with a state Senate GOP leader who ordered a 2.1 million-vote party “audit” in Maricopa County following Mr. Trump’s defeat.

The landing page of the website contains “Election Facts and MythBusters”.

“Learn the truth about inaccurate claims about Maricopa County elections, from Sharpy to Router,” he says.

Mr. Trump and his allies claimed the elections were fraudulent and sometimes said it was the county authorities’ responsibility to disprove their accusations.

However, county officials say the widespread fraudulent voting and corruption allegations were fake from the beginning.

They say that elected leaders and voters who support the conspiracy theory of elections are living in different realities, and the ongoing “audit” has made the state laugh.

They point out that the manual aggregation of ballot statistics samples matched the final voting aggregation, and found that there was nothing wrong with an independent audit of the county voting machine and software.

Still, it wasn’t enough for Senate Trump and his allies to lead the audit, hiring Cyber ​​Samurai, a Florida company with unclear election audit experience.

Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber ​​Ninjas, advertised a previously stolen election conspiracy theory and accused the county of interfering with the company’s investigation into the election.

Maricopa County is basically turning its eyes.

Officials reiterated on Friday that the election was “audited, certified and litigated and found to be safe, secure and accurate,” and “board members were post-elections by qualified and experienced companies. We supported our audits and voted to conduct two such independent audits. “

“The Arizona Senate leadership has chosen not to hire qualified and experienced companies,” they posted on Twitter. “Instead, they chose Cyber ​​Ninjas, a small cybersecurity company with no expertise or experience in election auditing.

“By bringing inexperienced and prejudiced individuals into nonpartisan efforts, Senate leadership in Arizona has lost the potential for partnership in this audit,” they said. “Participating in an” audit “with unqualified actors exposes the county to legal and financial risks and undermines confidence in our electoral system. “

“Therefore, the county has not participated in activities involving Senate contractors,” they wrote.

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Maricopa County launches “Just The Facts” website to combat Trump’s stolen election claims

Source link Maricopa County launches “Just The Facts” website to combat Trump’s stolen election claims

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