Maricopa County, Arizona proves Biden’s victory over Trump

Phoenix — Elected leaders of Arizona’s most populous county-certified election results on Friday, state leaders will follow when Democrat Joe Biden wins the presidential election and one holdout county follows next week We are ready to certify.

Maricopa County Supervisory Board of Five Members Acts After Proceedings Supported by Republicans and Others Supporting President Donald Trump Can’t Stop the Normal Routine Action of Verifying Election Results did. One Democrat and four Republicans are on the Phoenix-based board, which unanimously voted to accept the election results.

Protesters marched out of the board room, urging members not to approve the campaign, but Republican Chair Clint Hickman had no doubts about the accuracy of the count and did not prove it legally. He said there was no reason.

“In a liberal democracy election, some candidates will be defeated,” Hickman said. “I was disappointed with the results of some races and very happy with the results of other races, but I am not going to violate the law or deviate from my moral compass.

The Arizona Republican Party asked the court to order more ballot samples to be audited, saying it had questions about the number of votes, but a Phoenix judge abandoned that effort on Thursday.

The action of the Maricopa County Commission is that the state’s GOP has pressured county authorities throughout the state to postpone certification of election results, leading Republican-dominated Mojave county officials to postpone certification until Monday. Unless there are unresolved votes that are not counted, it is the deadline for them to act. It’s not. All 15 counties in Arizona completed the aggregation by the end of last week.

Board members heard extensive reports from county election officials saying the votes were correct and that all tests and effort reviews showed that electronic voting was 100% accurate. These tests are done with the help of Democrats and Republicans.

Scott Jarrett, director of election days and urgent voting in Maricopa County, said of the three elections this year, “In all of these cases, the parties themselves found that there was no difference in all three elections. I did. ” “This is determined by the political parties themselves that this system is accurate.”

About 70 Trump supporters gathered outside the place where the supervisor met. Various speakers took turns blaming the board, stating that certification is an act of “rebellion.” They also rehashed previous claims, including voting in the names of hundreds of dead. Some people have said that independent court audits of ballots and voting machines allow them to accept whatever the election results are.

“The point is not that there is fraudulent voting, but that there is potential for fraudulent voting,” said 56-year-old Stephanie O’Brien. “If there is, it robs people of their trust. My biggest problem is lack of confidence.”

Since the election day, several proceedings have been filed and the remaining complaints have been dismissed during a board meeting, changing the outcome of the Democratic presidential candidate’s first victory over the state since 1996. Wouldn’t have been. Voter votes may not be aggregated on county-operated election sites, which can affect just a handful of potential votes.

Judge Margaret Mahony of the Maricopa County Superior Court announced her plans shortly after the attorney made closing arguments at the hearing, but she did not elaborate on why she wanted to abandon the case.

The proceedings called on the court to allow one of the alleged aggregates to refuse her vote and start over. Attorneys defending Maricopa County said there was no evidence that the votes of the two proceedings were not counted.

At the hearing, the lawyer who filed the proceedings tried to admit a picture of the ballot taken inside the polling place as evidence, but after being told that taking a picture within 75 feet of the polling place was a crime. , Canceled that effort. These attorneys also faced criticism when they failed to admit expert reports on schedules produced by the same vendors used in Maricopa County as evidence, but experts in Maricopa County. I wasn’t looking at the model used.

Biden won the county with more than 45,000 votes and defeated Trump across the state by more than 10,000 votes. Victory came when the Democrats pushed all the way to blue Arizona after decades of devotion to the Republicans.

Democrats looked forward to changes in Arizona’s vitality and the swing of voters who elected a Republican governor two years ago and split tickets to send Democrats to the US Senate. Their fate has risen thanks to the growing Latin population of the state, the influx of new voters, and fears of Trump among women in the suburbs.

Trump and his allies fought to retain Arizona, where the president won 3.5 percentage points in 2016.

The state will hold state-wide elections on November 30th.

•• Contributed by Associated Press reporters Terry Tang and Jacques Billeaud.

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Maricopa County, Arizona proves Biden’s victory over Trump

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